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Conference Pads

Conference Pads

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Custom Conference Pad – A master product of welcome stationery kit of any conference


A custom Conference Pad is a master brand product of a welcome stationary kit for any conference. This is accompanied by other branded auxiliary like pens, badges, catalogs, magazines, etc. Conference Pads shows your professional approach to the delegates

Conference pads are an effective promotional instrument also known as desk pads, notebooks, Conference notepads, or simply a writing pad.

The writing pads are a useful item for those presentational events, Training, or tutorial sessions where the audience would take the notes.

The writing pads can be shopped by any stationery store for usual purposes but the missing part would be your company branding such as company logo, business tagline, contact details, etc.

If your company is planning to organize a conference or training session in an effective effort to keep your name in attendees/audience memory, print the conference pads with your branding. It improves your brand productivity between people who have attended the event. That’s the strong reason where the branding is recommended on event pads.

Normally the writing pads are available in 10, 50, or 100 pages. But normally in Conference only 2-3 pages are used to take notes, that’s why the 10 pages conference pads are more in use and demand and economical.


Reasons to embrace branded conference notepads


Branded stationery and items such as Conference Notepads are powerful tools to gear up your business branding, it works for most people either business professional or simply a consumer or audience. They love to collect the usable free offering and your customized branding with notepads, pens to coffee mugs can do wonders for your brand image.

Your business marketing team can choose a worthwhile economical product like conference pad to metal pen, T-shirts to photo mugs or Pen drive to power bank, can give a sound recognition to your business or company a makeable identification in the competitive business environment.  

You just need to identify the right product type according to your business’s nature, the company’s budget, and the event.

The branded items highlight the value of professionalism and concern for your clients, customers or audiences. There are few perfervid reasons to print custom note pads that add a vocal impression to your brand.


Time tested classical promotional product


Conference Pad, Notepads, notebooks or memo pads are the items that will not go out of fashion, even in today’s digital world of iPad and laptops it is still equally popular in use as per convenience with reliability. It has been a consistent performer of classical stationery products for decades. Users have an attraction and appreciation for custom printed notepads all the time, and a branded pen with a conference pad adds extra space in users’ minds.


Raise and elevate Awareness


Branded promotional products’ first and most obvious utilizing feature is to raise awareness about a company’s name, help to elevate the business brand status, and give more visibility to the products & services. Every time or whenever someone sees and uses a branded conference pad, notepad, booklet, Custom Mugs, Metal Pen or any other reminds of the particular organization, and it helps more likely to turn into your business in future.

Conference pad or notepads are very usual and handy daily life use branded writing items lying on the desk all the time. And a brand logo printed pad is more visible than other items at all times.


Promote the brand message


To raise and elevate the awareness of business brands, conference pad and notepads are implicitly a powerful tool to promote the message with professional assertiveness – that message speaks about your organization’s value.

Writing pads are the companion of business meetings, internal reviews, or brainstorming sessions. While writing on a company’s customized writing pad it predominantly relates with your business’s activities and creates a connection. A conference pad or notepad is an all-time use item than a coffee mug or a t-shirt are less likely to use because these are more personal use item. But writing Pads relatively more in use due to its work-related need and capacity.



Display quality and efficacy


Display and demonstrate your company’s adherence to quality standards and efficacy writing pads are the best instruments. It shows that an economical product is also successfully gear-up brand campaigning with a positive impression. That shows true professional efforts can be delivered with full potential through a low budget but the correct selection of product, design, and printing.

Yet the writing pad can be customized according to your sales budget, it can be both types high-quality and inexpensive. You may choose a type of paper stock, designing, foiling, watermark logo on inside pages, and clear-printing to make a conference pad or notepad appear more professional and attractive.



5 Tips – Printed Conference pad Design


Custom Printed conference pad allows enable to make visible the business name and Tagline with your clients Conference pads and notepads are active working stationery which is used in the office as well as home. It is a helpful tool that provides comfort to jot down the short notes during the conference for later reference, contact details of conference attendees the user wishes to connect with after the event, etc. These are some doable advice writing pad printing orders:


Size & Dimensions – It really matters


As such conference pads can be printed in any size, but a slight emphasis can make it more purposeful, helpful, and beneficial. The standard size of conference pads prints in A5 and A4.

 The size and dimensions can be like:

  •         8.5” X 11” – a large size (used in office, it’s a workstation friendly size) – It is good to take plenty of notes but it’s not handy because of its large and bulky size and weight.
  •         4.25” X 5.5” – An ideal size (useful for short notes and messages) – It is a good choice for small and handy size and particular event’s purpose.

So, carefully decide what size would be most suitable for your business and clientele aspects for their best use.



Do not over-designing it


Conference pads and notepads designed light and focused not too dense and hefty. Conference pads designs aren’t to show the artwork. There should be a clean and enough look & space to write the ideas and matters, there should be a proper place on paper for writing.

However, there is complete freedom to use the artwork on the cover page on the conference pad as per choice.


Print the Details of the company


In the conference pads, you can include and print the Business name and logo (in readable font and size), including some of the best suitable design patterns, graphics, UV, or 3d print. But be attentive, don’t overload it with much photos’ and graphics, keep it as simple and real as possible. For more impression and soothing look add a watermark of logo on each inside page, or display brand name in each flip over without being distraction.


Adopt Full-Color Printing


Full color gives a pleasant look & feel and creates a positive ambiance that gives a purpose-oriented effect to any printed stationery. If it is economical for all types of businesses and corporates, these small innovative add-ons and experimental approaches can truly enhance the visibility and awareness of the brand and use of it by its users.


Binding Type and it’s Quality


The type of binding options is in use for conference pad and notepads…

  •         Simple glue binding on the top – it makes easy tear off the pages
  •         Metal or plastic coil binding with printed cardstock – It gives a more professional look, and touch
  •         Spiral binding on Top

Any type of binding option you choose should be comparative and supportive with cover page design and to use for the perspective of the event’s nature.


Keep your brand Name at users’ Fingertips

Want to grab hold of your clients’ thoughts? Make it easy for your clients to remember YOU by creating and providing a needful, potent, and prepossessing brand item like user-friendly size utility promotional conference pad and notepads.

Conference pads are economical, usual yet remarkable, feasible, and frequent in use, and to build on-going exposure by reappearing business names at the figure tips of its users by keeping it handy. Contact us for more details!


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