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Visiting Cards

Visiting Cards – the most essential Sales Partner you must hire!

Every business needs sales and if you have the right sales team, the business will grow faster than you can even imagine. Whenever a visiting card is exchanged or you share your visiting card to your prospect, they pay attention to every detail of it but with their subconscious mind in the back of their head while talking to you simultaneously. So don’t assume, they are talking to you only and the card is just a written contact detail on a piece of paper. Successful businessmen always emphasize investing in branding and especially on visiting cards if you want higher conversion rates of sales. Prospects always give attention to the details of your marketing & branding efforts. By doing that they do try to visualize, you will put the same level of effort in their assignment if awarded the project.

Visiting Card Design is more important than ever before.

Visiting card design is extremely important in current and futuristic scenarios as the clutter is increasing along with the competition. Drawing the attention of the prospects or buyers is not an easy task across advertising clutter. So unique and creative visiting card design which is matching to your brand positioning makes the best impact. 

When a prospect receives creatively designed and strategically & purposefully positioned brand communication material, it opens its tension strings of finding the right buyer if your services are affordable to them. Even if they are not affordable to them, they become your admirer, follower, and advocate your services to try in their circle of influence. Which is no less than sales.

What should be the visiting card size?

There is no strict rule about visiting card size but while deciding your visiting card size, you need to remember that your prospect would like to keep your card along with other visiting cards of standard sizes like 3.5”x 2” so you would like to have your card of the handy size which can fit in his pocket or visiting card folder. So that it is safe and he can retrieve it back when he is searching for your cards from scores of cards. So your card may be either of similar or lesser size but not extremely different which doesn’t fit at all in his/her pocket or folder.

Choose visiting card background witfully

The background of your visiting card is a very important part which sets the tone and its important brand space. Even if you keep it blank or white for a cleaner and focused look, it is communicating your branding. Every color has its nature and a message hidden for viewers’ subconscious mind, so choosing the right color is extremely important. For example, blue is considered a quite reliable yet non-invasive branding color. While red is a symbol of fire & blood, it is connected with energy, war, danger, strength, power, passion, love, and desire. Red color enhances human metabolism also, this is the reason why most food chains have Red logos or branding.

Hence choosing the right visiting card background can pull the strings right in positioning your brand message.

Choose Visiting Card printing on good papers for the best impact.

When making a decision on Visiting Card Printing, selecting a good suitable paper is one of the core choices you have to make. A good paper selection is as important as selecting the right fabric for a dress by a fashion designer. The right decision can create astonishing results & success while wrong may waste the effort. At the same time, the printing method also interferes with design & paper decision making. But at Inkprint, you don’t have to worry about that as we have already filtered the right papers in sorted visiting card varieties. 

Ordering an online visiting card is convenient, safe & faster.

Absolutely! Online Visiting Card Printing is way much easier, faster & safer than you think. Either you will have your card design ready in a printable format to upload or you would design in our design tool. Selecting options and placing orders takes only 4-5 minutes if not less. You don’t have to call anyone or follow up for any order with anyone. We have images of cards to send you right on your phone if you are unable to make a decision or you can check our image gallery to see the final looks of similar visiting cards. And we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for quality as well otherwise we make it right. So isn’t it convenient, safer & faster ordering the online visiting card?

Available visiting card models online with us?

We have multiple types of Visiting Card Printing available where key differences are Paper & Finishing options only:

Standard Business Cards

We are offering Silk Coated Smooth Art Papers from a starting point which is good for all types of Matt & Gloss finishings. You may choose Matt or Gloss laminations on these papers. These papers are excellent for fine detail printing results and we offer up to 300 GSM thickness in Coated Smooth Art Papers. But further to that you can choose premium specialty papers with different moderate textures like Natural Evolution, Rendezvous, and metallic papers. 

High Texture Luxury Visiting Cards

When you are in love with textures then you are not alone. You have got us. We have an exclusive range of High Texture Papers in this category and you would love them for sure. You don’t need any coating or lamination finishing on these as they are Matt in finish and already beautiful.

Embossed Foil Business Cards

Yes, they are as exciting and premium as they sound. If you are in a luxury product business or want to have lasting premium positioning then you can opt these Embossed Foiling Business Cards. We offer Gold & Silver Embossing options. Papers for these cards are Matt & Velvet Touch laminated Coated Silk Papers.

Embossed Spot UV Business Cards

Spot Gloss UV business cards are very popular business cards for a quite long time but there have always been Spot UV edges matching issues and low-quality coating issues by many print companies at the cost. There were no options also for smaller quantities but now the time has changed and you can get amazing and accurate consistent results of UV matching at micro-precision. On top of that, it is embossed from the surface which makes your brand impactful as well. In this technology implementation, you can even choose the text to be embossed UV at no additional cost. 

Sandwich Business Cards

Sandwich Business Cards are unique 3 layer cards where we can add a colorful paper between the top and bottom layers of printed paper sheets. And you can choose colors for the middle layer of the sandwich. These cards look luxurious and are super thick like 900 GSM. When looking for a Visiting Cards for unique luxury positioning, these cards won’t disappoint you for sure.

Ultra Thick Business Cards

Ultra Thick Business Cards are for those who love thick paper cards. These are generally 1.5 to twice as thick as standard visiting cards. You can choose 350 GSM & 500 GSM Matt or Gloss Laminated Visiting Cards but if you are again a fan of specialty textured fine papers, we have 540 GSM Textured Fine Ultra Thick paper as well to order. The minimum quantity starts from 100 only.

Choosing the best online visiting card maker

The selection of the best online visiting card maker is not very easy. Since there are multiple options available, you might be confused as well. But you must remember, the best buyer is the one who buys at the right price with high print quality specifications. Many companies lure customers by showing they are offering cards cheapest in the market or so, but what is the worth of cards if they are not good enough for your business requirements or are just like another business card.

So the cheapest is never the best one for you. Hence while selecting an online visiting card maker, you should compare all the printing and paper specifications along with price comparison. While other companies are selling what they have, Inkprint believes in what you want or should have. 

Visiting Card Design Online Is Free And Easy With Inkprint

We always recommend going for professionally designed branded material but when you don’t have access to them, you can also choose to create your own on inkprint design tool. We have a good collection of readymade templates to edit and make it yours or you can always start from scratch. It’s a great design tool that supports drag and drops and auto alignments. You can edit all the details to be shared on cards. Design made and ordered with us will be saved in your account and will be available for repeat orders. Hence Visiting Card Design Online is free and easy with us.

Choose Scores Of Visiting Card Templates Or Start From Scratch.

We have a good collection of Visiting Card Templates so that you can start from a baseline or you are always welcome to design from scratch. You can also search for some templates available tags. All the designs we have made available are of high-quality designs and they are printable in terms of color/ font size, or size ratio compatibility.

Few Visiting Card Images Are Here But Check Here For Updated Latest Images:

More latest images

What is Standard Visiting Cards Size, visiting card size in cm, or visiting card size in inches?

You can order any size of Standard Visiting Cards Size but the most popular Visiting Card Size in cm is 9 cm x 5 cm and Visiting Card Size in inches comes to 3.5”x 2”. If you are putting any border in your cards, then it must be 6 mm thick at least for running consistency. 

Visiting Card Size In Photoshop, Visiting Card Size In Pixels?

Visiting Card size in photoshop should be 3.5”x 2” or 90 mm x 50 mm but bleed size from all sides should be 3 mm additional. Visiting Card Size in pixels will be 

Without Bleed With Bleed
In Inches 3.5”x 2” 3.75”x 2.25”
In CM 8.9 cm x 5.1 cm 9.6 cm x 5.6 cm
In MM 89 mm x 51 mm 95 mm x 57 mm
In Pixels 336 x 192 360 x 216

Online Visiting Card Printing Is Better Than Your Next Door Print Shop.

Online Visiting Card Printing is the best choice with inkprint because when you are going for a local print trader, they generally get it done from some unknown local printing press which may or may not be equipped with high-quality printing technology and machinery. Hence there is always a risk involved in workmanship. But with Inkprint, you are always insured for 100% quality satisfaction. Since we are based in a centralized location of India (New Delhi), we ship easily anywhere in the world.