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Bill Books

Bill Books


20 Bill Books Starting from INR 160 Each. MOQ 5 Books Only.
Tip: Higher is the Quantity, the Lesser is the Price per copy!

Unit Price: 380.00
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Bill Book is essential office stationery as well as a great Branding tool.

Bill books, Receipt books and, invoices, are primary and substantive components under the chain of official stationery. The accuracy of account matching is based on Bill books. Importance of a Bill Book in your Business – An alike visiting card is considered to be nothing less than the face of your organization. The same way a bill book is considered to be nothing less than the heart of your organization because accounting is the axis of a successful business, which reflexes cash inflows.


Business significance of the Bill books, Receipt book, and Invoice.

In the new era of business, the significance of Invoicing has not limited only to a part of accounting but considered and accepted as a strong branding and marketing tool from premium business houses. And this trend is spreading to other business organizations and business entrepreneurs.

Possibly the Business card couldn’t be exchanged between the service provider and service receiver ever but once the service receiver placed and received the order, The customer would surely get the invoice for the product. So the Bill book/Invoice/receipt book has relevance to consider one of the best ways to Brand your product and services, either it is digital or paper format.


How the Bill Book can play an important role in your business Branding and Marketing? 

Mouth publicity is always considered the most impactful branding and marketing instrument and second is an online advertisement.

In the same way, in the paper format now these days’ visiting cards and bill books earned nearby similar importance in the field of business branding and marketing. The notable aspect of Bill Book, sometimes the visiting card can be missed out but if any client has taken your services even once the copy of the bill book will remain considerably for a long duration in his/her record and this can work as a connector. And basically, this is the actual strength of branding which reconnects the client after a long duration also once needed.


Printing of Bill Book – by online order or off-line.

Why Online orders are getting popular and acceptable more now these days – once the order placed online, it saves manpower, travel, and most importantly it saves time, as we all know the time is money. And you will get 100% satisfactory services from Inkprint on your online orders the same as offline. You can also order Letterheads or stationary envelopes.

Thinking of an Online Print solution, connect us…


At Inkprint, you will get the opportunity to design an efficacious bill book that will act as the face and heart of your company. And other products too.

  • If you want to check out some designs for ideas, you can very well do that by browsing through our online templates. 
  • If our online templates don’t seem competent as per your requirement or choice, you can search online for more exclusive designs. 
  • If you have something specific in mind, you can upload your bill book file or design yourself. 

Why should you connect “” only? You will get self-assistance in these areas of services: 

Inkprint’s designing tool reduces big business’s Admin or Account departments’ efforts to get the desired format of bill book in templates and order online for printing. 

Getting a custom bill book made couldn’t have been easier. It is because Inkprint is assisted by a team of hardworking professionals who are skilled in doing their job right. 

As we are an online company, one of the few in India, all you need to do to confirm the order to select the design and to make the payment. We are going to make sure that you receive your order in a matter of a few days. Our delivery service executives will serve their best to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery of the product.

Apart from the variety of designs, there are various choices available in the kind of paper and print quality, duplicate, and triplicate copies in single and multi-color printing options too. You can choose from these variants depending on your preferences and needs. 

If you are looking for an instant quote on the price, you can have it at our portal. Just fill in the details regarding your order and get the estimate right in front of you.

Basic difference and use of these 3 types of interrelated documents in your business: for better understanding before order online.

Bill Book, Receipt Book, and Invoice: basically these 3 terms are related and used to be selling and purchasing the goods and services in almost all types of businesses.

Invoice: An invoice is a commercial instrument presented to buyers from the seller to ask for money, for the services demanded by the buyer. Invoices can be issued to the person or company that contracted for seller’s services.

An invoice is an itemized list of items sold, describes and quantity with the date of delivery or shipment and mode of transportation with terms, prices, and discounts (if any), along with the amount for each line item for product or services. An invoice includes the details of both parties.

Example to simplify:  Invoice = Someone Pays YOU

Bill/Bill Book: Basically, the Bill/s is the response of invoices, when the party/ies receives an invoice with product and amount that need to pay from the second party. 

When anyone hires someone or takes services (cable, phone, tv, water, electricity, dry cleaner etc…) the receiver of the service receives bill/s from the service provider.

When a customer receives an invoice it is entered as a bill.

Example to simplify: Bill = You PAY

Receipt/Receipt book: A receipt is proof that the services or products purchased, and the buyer has paid for it. A Receipt is what the buyer gets when he/she pays for his bill, as proof of payment paid for products or services rendered. 

Example to simplify: Receipt = Proof of Payments done from YOU

The significance of an invoice, a bill, and a receipt is that these documents are proof of the services offered and products sold, along with the amount owed. The buyer (customer) and the seller (vendor) can maintain these for their bookkeeping tasks.

The point should keep in mind while ordering the printing of a bill book, receipt book, and invoice format:

  • Usual item/s order quantity per buyer/seller in the routine day business
  • The size which suits best to business
  • Color scheme which can enhance the attraction of the issued party (like a flower vendor, costume designer/merchandiser, cosmetics vendor can choose fresh and eye-catching colors, on other side tools, machinery vendors can choose the color scheme which connects their product more closely to the buyer). It may give a soothing effect to the payer.
  • Paper quality – imported paper or ordinary. Based on your requirement of bookkeeping and budget.

Waterproof ink printing. (Advice for issuer: if issuing the in-hand receipt other than online ensure to use a waterproof ink pen to write any detail on bill book).


How to create a bill book design? How to order bill book printing?

To order bill book online, kindly follow the following steps:

To order the bill book, invoice, and receipt book visit the, Click the “Product” tab or type bill book in” search product here” tab Click “Business essential” under product tab upload design file or select from available temple select the size Quantity Type    Printing side     Printing color  Paper   Serial no.   Padding.  Click “Add to Cart” to order the Product.

After the completion of this process, you will get the final pricing of your product. 


Can I order a bill book sample first?

No, we do not offer bill book, Invoice, or receipt book sampling.

You can order with a minimum order quantity (as given on the website). But before send for final print, we check design, margin, and bleed, etc. manually and after final proof approval from the client via email it sends for the final print.

Inkprint assures you to give you the best quality for your ordered product.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Caution: If the final proofreading has been done by the client and the product has been print. The changes can’t consider, the client needs to accept the product as proofing is done and printed.

If any printing mistake has occurred from our end and the final product isn’t as same as the final proof received from the client, Inkprint will compensate for the same.


What all should be included in a G S T Bill Book, What is G S T Bill Book Format?

Apart from fundamental items of the invoice, For GST registered businesses:-

Mandatory to include the GST no. and the amount for each specified item (good or service) for which you’re charging, along with some extra details about each item in the Invoice. It comes under “Tax Invoice”.


Is this fine to order bill books online

Inkprint is an easy, convenient, and reliable platform for online ordering with the required assistance of designing, printing, and timely product delivery team with the assurance of satisfactory services to clients with ease.


How to design bill book in word and excel format

Microsoft word provides the templates, this feature support to select the design as per your business need. The process is as follow:

Open Microsoft Word or Microsoft excel

Click file Click file

Click new

Type Invoice, Bill Book or Receipt book into the search and press enter 

Select Template and click “Create”

Fill the fields

Print or email the invoice


What should be bill book size

Ideally, 2 type custom sizes are in trend for bill book – 

  • 5.5”x 8.5”
  • 8.5″x 11″

How to design bill book format in excel? bill book design online or bill book template?

Hundreds of customizable templates design are available. You can select any, upload the logo, change the font, color, and images and create your personalized bill book easily. Many designing sites also the option and support to provide the templates for the free and paid design.


Bill Book Printing @ Low Prices, Higher Quality. No Minimum.


Order Bill Books Online at Higher Quality at lower prices. Choose Bill Book Format or Bill Book Design of your choice and edit to your need.



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