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Embossed Foil Business Cards

Embossed Foil Business Cards


500 Business Cards starting from INR 8 only!

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Get Your Custom Foiled Business Cards Printed at Affordable Price

Business cards hold great importance when it comes to branding and promoting your company. Your business card speaks volume about your firm as it represents you in front of people who don’t know you and your company. It helps in creating a good first impression. Thus, you need to have an attractive design for your business card.

Getting 3D embossed foiled business cards can be a great idea for making a unique impression. The foil stamping is a great and high-end way of giving your business card a customized look. It simply adds a touch of class and elegance to your business card. The ultra-glossy colors and the shimmery pearl and texture give a high-tech effect.

We can do foil printing for your business cards at affordable rates in bulk when you choose a design for your visiting cards. You can either choose the designs from our website or upload a design of your choice. We specialize in 3D Embossed Business Cards Printing and deliver the card between 5-7 business days. Quality and precision are the key factors that we take into consideration while doing any printing assignment.

Your business can benefit from foil business cards. Foil can help in boosting your business. Researches show that people perceive your business in high regard when you have an attractive business card such as the foil one. The foil cards basically use the impressing of pigment or metallic foil to paper using the heated dies.

The stamping machine applies the foil on to the surface under high pressure and leaves the die design on the paper. The business cards with foil feature foil text or graphics such as logos. The foil business cards will stand out from others due to its distinct and eye-catchy impressive design and look.

We create the 3D foil image by combining the foil with embossing. You can check for more information on foil stamping and how it is done. You can also see examples of foil business cards on our website so that you can get an idea of how attractive these cards look.

The foil stamping can be done on any material so you can easily choose the material of your choice for the business card. The foil stamping can be done on plastic, synthetic, magnet paper, and much more. However, one should keep in mind that linen or other papers that have a rough texture are not recommended for the foil stamping. The problem is that it will not look as smooth and crisp because of the uneven surface of the paper.

We make sure that there is a contrast between the card’s background and foil stamping. Since the foil stamping is opaque, we use a light-colored foil over the dark background and vice versa. The business cards are first printed on a large sheet and then cut into individual cards.

No matter how much we evolve, there is nothing that can replace a business card. Make sure your company has an attractive business card for a great first impression.

How to Order Online Business Cards?

Ordering for your elegant and aesthetically designed online visiting card is not a time-wasting exercise. You just search for a reliable printing company who print online visiting cards. Select a template from their gallery that has numerous design patterns. You can also add artworks to personalize it with your unique taste. All this is easily done with customized online visiting card design maker software.

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