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Embossed Spot UV Business Cards

Embossed Spot UV Business Cards


500 Business Cards starting from INR 7 only!

Unit Price: 6.40
Dispatch By: Friday, October 22, 2021
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Embossed Gloss Spot UV

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UV Printed and Laminated Business Cards from Ink Print

You know your business is the best and to keep it that way, you need to showcase it with the best business cards there is. Ink Print gives you an impressive range of cards with spectacular designs and colors that strike a positive note with the person viewing the card. You can get your stock of cards ranging from?500 to 1000 within the specified period from us.

Impressive in its special way

Not all cards are equal. To be precise, the UV printing business cards design leaves no stone unturned in becoming the pick of the day and highlighting your special qualities in a clear-cut way.

The extraordinary quality of the card

Smooth finish: The satin-smooth finish of the laminated business card is one of the prime reasons for its high demand. Non-Coated or rough surface business cards have an unfinished feel about them that make them feel incomplete. The superior finish of the UV printed business card emphasizes its majestic class.?

Excellent printing:

No one wants to peer endlessly at the card to make out what is written there. Ink Print makes sure that it is all clear in one glance what the company is selling and what you can expect. The excellent highlighting using UV printing helps us to add designs and patterns that will become visible when you tilt the card. You can add cheques, patterns, crocodile skin designs, and leaf prints on the card.??

Good range of designs: You will find readymade templates and card stock of the finest quality at Ink Print. Go through this on our website and pick the best one for yourself.

Create your distinct personal identity

For those who seek to make their mark through the business card, we provide the best resources and endless variety of designs to choose from. The proper card for the proper person – the identity becomes the card and we see it clearly as the stamp of class. This is one of the reasons we put in so much effort into UV printing business cards printing the mark of the company, the personal logo, and printing of policy distinct on the cards. The UV design stands out making it an instant identity symbol of the person who makes the difference.

Highlight the logo using spot lamination

To make spot lamination, we use UV printing techniques that become visible when you angle the card. The sideways printing doesn’t show up if you look at the card straight. You can include the logo in the UV design so the user sees it when he changes his point of view. Or, print it bold straight face and highlight it with a tint of color, either way, you win.

Unlimited range of colors

Scintillating purple to rugged mauve, sparkling crimson hues or light sky blue, we have the range to satisfy the whims of the most ardent seeker of hues. Specify your shade and we will have it for you, the card and print in distinct styles to set you apart.?Make your card special by selecting a unique pattern for your card. The low cost of printing will make it easy to buy and use more cards. You can order ordinary cards or cards with rounded corners if needed.




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