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Invitations Cards

Invitations Cards


25 Invitations Cards Starting from INR 15.87 Only!

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Invitation Cards, the first impression of your event…Order online invitation cards printing!


The invitation card is first and must be traditional etiquette to associate respected and loved ones in any function. Invitation cards tableau strung up with delicate wordings, colors, printed and crafted beauty, all these together gives the perfect impact to any Invitations cards design. This pleasing equation shows your gust to the invitee. And the surrounding of invitations leaves invitee bewitched and astound.


Impact of Invitation Cards Design

Invitation cards – A written request to come to an event such as a wedding, Baby shower, Birthday party, store inauguration, a meal, or a meeting, and many more events of your life. An invitation card is a printed card or paper with a purposeful act. An Invitation card design moreover generic structure maintained with functional activity, selected date, venue, and other informative details. 

Invitation cards are like a poem sounded with enclosed boundaries of words but the sky to disclose of emotions.


Purpose of an Invitation Cards Format


Invitation cards or letters is basically a functional text, as implied in its name, is a request to someone for his/her presence at an event. Invitation cards are usually sent well before on time so that the recipient can prepare. Invitation cards printing actually have a generic structure with the purposes to inform rightly about:

Event Title: as a wedding, birthday, inauguration, or any other with a highlight of the event to be held.

Invitees’ type: information about what and who will come (exp. Wedding-“with family” and on birthday-“kids only” etc.).

Event date and time: information about when and where, and timings of event will be held

Closing statement: include hope with kind words from writer to reader to come into the event.


Mostly Online Invitation card makers and printers provide online invitation cards design templates to support his/her clients.

These online design templates used to be available in various Invitation cards format and designs.


Characteristics of Invitation cards design & Invitation card format

Invitation cards design and invitation card format follow a defined itinerary with set patterns. The variations are inevitable and experimented with under these defined invitation cards format and patterns without tempering its etiquettes.

Basic and formal Invitation Patterns and guidelines:

  • Name of host
  • Invitational (requests the pleasure of company, family, etc. which is applicable, cordially invites you to)


An invitation should include the details: 

  • Who – Family, kids, spouse, managers only or any other
  • When – Date with hours and time
  • Where – place (including map and directions is essential including parking lot and parking instructions and fee (e.g. complimentary, valet or free parking)
  • Cost of attending (if any, mostly applicable to conferences and seminars, etc.)
  • Reply instruction (mostly applicable to corporate events)
  • Attire instruction (If any)
  • Do not use abbreviations – use full words


RSVP/Reply cards patterns and components:

If you want to be more accurate about catering, seating arrangements, or need to know specifically who and how many invitees’ are attending, it is suggested that you should include a format for reply instructions. You can print a reply card too and attach it to the invitation card. A reply card includes:

  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Line for the guest(s) name(s)
  • The line for a time, contact number, and email
  • Attendance indicator (I/We will_____attend)
  • The line for other instruction(s) if any


What does an Online Invitation Card maker and Printer suggest and provide?

Actually, either in-person distribution or sending online Invitation card(s) is the first impression the guest will receive. It is a genre to greet and welcome invitee(s) to attend the particular occasion or event with sets of tone for an upcoming event. And an Online Invitation card maker and Invitation card printing and printer try their best to fix up your experience perfectly.

Basically, Invitation cards are a specific medium to express your sense of gratitude. These printed cards are a carrier to show how much importance the guest has for you through words. And virtually prevail on and excite the guest to attend the event.

A fascinating invitation card creates a notion, a spark, excitement, anticipation, and involvement for the event.


Type of Invitation cards…by online invitation card maker


To choose the appropriate type of invitation cards by online invitation card maker that will suit the occasion best is a crucial task. And the success of this task will create the magic on the invitation card. Once you are going to order online Invitation card printing, you can take help and suggestions from your invitation card maker.

Type of cards as per cuts and folds:

Flat Invitations – The format of flat invitation cards are sleek and open-face-display about events in one glance. These types of invitations are usually preferred in casual weddings, Business openings, birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Send and seal fold invitations – If you wish that your guest has some curiosity before reading the event details, then you will love the idea of fold-up-style cards. While unwrapping the card your guest will feel like receiving a gift.

Pocket Invitations – When you really want an elegant impression on your guest, you should go for pocket invitations. Pocket invitations are completed with monogrammed sealed, gatefold pattern, colorful, layered paper, and color coordinating ribbons make it a remarkable statement. These cards are to be chosen for formal weddings, milestone wedding anniversary, dinner party, bachelorette party, or award ceremony. 

Folded Invitations – These are considered classic invitation cards. It is like greeting card style, the front is covered with design, photos or custom wordings and details of events printed inside.

Type of Invitation cards, Invitation card design as paper and Invitation card printing online techniques and variations:

  • Personalized envelopes, Personalized invitation cards, and invitation card printing online are among the most traditional and common methods. 
  • Eco-friendly invitation cards
  • Debossing and Embossing invitation cards
  • Belly band invitation cards
  • Engraved invitation cards
  • Foil Stamping invitation cards
  • Laser-cut invitation cards


Type of invitation cards as per event and occasions: Invitation card printing online India:

Order invitation card printing online India for any below-given occasion or event from us:

  • Anniversary invitation card
  • Wedding invitation card
  • Reception invitation card
  • Ceremony invitation card
  • Reunion invitation card
  • Birthday invitation card
  • Business invitation card
  • Christmas invitation card
  • Valentine invitation card
  • Halloween party invitation card
  • Response invitation card
  • Mother’s and Father’s day invitation card
  • Graduation day invitation card
  • Thanksgiving invitation card etc.


Online Invitation cards can be ordered for any event mentioned below from the Invitation card maker. You can choose the invitation card design and Invitation card format suit best as per the occasion with your online invitation card printing provider.


Impact of Invitation Cards design/Designer Invitation Cards by Invitation Card Printing Services Online


Invitation cards design by Invitation card printing services is the initial stationery for your event. And the impact of the specially designed, crafted, and using best Invitation card printing techniques make it impressive as well memorable for your guest.

A designer Invitation card focused on uniformity in Paper quality, design. Color scheme, word, and font selection, cut and folds, etc. And the synchronization of all these aspects creates a well aspectual invitation card. And an impactful invitation card takes the event on high enthuse from the start. And this positive sign enhances the happiness and participation of guest’s anticipation.

A wedding, Baby Shower, First Birthday of your child, etc. are so special lifetime events. An Invitation card is a first messenger which shows your happiness to your invitees. It invites them to share your precious occasion and creates memories and these moments tickle your a lifetime. These memories exist forever for your family and near and dear ones.


How to order online Invitation Card printing?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to order Online Invitation Card for Invitation card printing online.

You can get self-assistance following these steps:

Click on the “Product” tab or type Invitations cards in “search product here” tab —> Click “Packaging Printing” under product tab —> size —> Quantity —> Paper —> Printing type—> upload and submit design file Click “Add to Cart” to order the Product.

After the completion of this process, you will get the final pricing of your product. 

Your own wedding or anniversary Invitations cards, having a birthday, celebrating the arrival of a baby?

Visit for custom online Invitation card designs with 100% satisfactory online Invitation card printing and online Invitation card maker solutions available for you.


The size available for online invitation card printing order?


5.5” X8.5”


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