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Flyers printing online | Pamphlet printing in India?

Inkprint offers the Best Flyer Printing in India where quality is considered the top priority. Flyers marketing is the most important marketing tool for most businesses and planning flyer print marketing is a very crucial decision to make. The right frequency of flyer print marketing and area of sales may provide high volume sales and the right growth.

Finding the right online flyer maker or flyer printing company is not easy when you are taking all decisions online. Pamphlet Printing companies must be professional, and customer-oriented as well. Read reviews of the company. Inkprint has all these attributes and is a veteran in offering flawless printing of all flyer sizes and paper qualities required.

Why Us? 

As the masters in the printing industry of India, Gurgaon, and Delhi, our super professional work and dedication will bring many laurels to your work.

We use the best quality of inks, papers and incorporate the latest processes of printing in our work. Our affordable rates are unmatched in the industry and our production time of 5 to 7 days ensures that we deliver your joy as fast as possible.

What is a Flyer?

A flyer is a piece of paper that informs your target audience about your products or services. Flyers also educate the target audience that you are offering your services in that location. Flyer designing is a very important step towards grabbing the attention of the customers. You can use ready flyer design templates & customize them with your company details in our online design tool or you can get it custom designed by skilled graphic designers. They can be designed and printed in any sizes but many popular sizes are as below:

  • DL size

  • A6 size

  • A5 size (or 8.5 x 5.5? – half of US letter size)

  • A4 size (or 8.5 x 11? – US letter size)

For more impact and attention-grabbing, you can choose custom shape flyers too.

Popular ways to use flyers & leaflets for marketing are:

Newspaper Insertion: You can insert them in newspapers which is the most common way for covering large geographical areas without missing populations.

Dropping at doors: Another popular way is getting them inserted manually at every door. But this may be restricted as per society’s rules.

By Hand Distribution: You can get flyers distributed by hand at popular market places, near food joints, shopping centers, bakeries, groceries shops, and malls or car parking

How much does it cost to print a flyer?

Flyer Printing or Pamphlet Printing Cost depends on the size, quantity & paper quality of flyers we are going to print. We have given an amazing calculator for the cost calculation of flyers. Please select Size, Quantity & Paper and you should get the price of printing.

The final price is to be calculated from the calculator for your specifications. Quantities in green are the most popular and frequently suggested quantities people & business order to keep per piece flyer cost minimum.

How many flyers should I print?

You can place orders for as low as 25 quantities or can go for as high as 2,00,000 flyers for online orders at inkprint. But to achieve a lower price per flyer, quantities should be above certain quantities. We have made linear graphs, just to show price trends with increasing quantities here:

Hence quantities of 4000 & above yield better rates.

How many pixels is a flyer?

In Inches (without bleed)

In mm

(without bleed)

In mm

(with bleed)

In Pixels

(without bleed)

In Pixels

(with bleed)

DL Size

3.9?x 8.2?

99mmx 210mm

105 x 216 mm

1240 x 2551 px

1240 x 2551 px

A6 Size

5.8?x 4.1?

105mm ? 148mm

111 x 154 mm

1748 x 1240 px

1819 x 1311 px

A5 Size

5.83?x 8.27?

148mm ? 210mm

154mm ? 216mm

2480 x 1748 px

2551 x 1819 px

A4 Size

11.69?x 8.27?

210mmx 297mm

216mmx 303mm

3508 x 2480 px

3579 x 2551 px

Where can I print flyers and Where can I make business flyers?

You can print business flyers or leaflets right from your computer sitting at home or office online. All you need to do is decide specifications like the size of the flyer, quantities, paper specifications, and number printing sides. has given printing cost calculator and by uploading flyer design or by editing flyer design templates, you can place orders to print flyers online with the best price and quality guarantee.

What paper is best for the flyer Printing/ Pamphlet Printing?

It may vary on your brand positioning, budget & how you are going to get it distributed. But in general, we recommend using smooth silk coated papers in the thickness of 100 GSM when the distribution is through newspaper insertions. 130 GSM and 170 GSM papers can be suitable when hand distribution is done at various popular locations or keeping flyers at some counters and places available to pick by customers. Good thickness is selected when the customer is going to give more attention to the flyer, it is also sent out along with present order deliveries.

How do I make custom flyers?

You can either upload your own design file or can choose ready design templates as guidelines to various flyers formats and customize them with your product and brand images and content on inkprint. You can also design flyers from scratch too.

Do you print double-sided flyers?

Yes, while selecting flyer specifications, in the printing option, select Full Color Printing Both Side. You will get both side printing rates, that’s easy.

How do I print mini/ small flyers?

Choose sizes DL or A6 for ordering mini or small flyers.

How much does it cost to print 1000 Flyers?

It starts from INR 3.6 per flyer for A5 size but we would suggest the above price table or graphs to achieve even better rates for 2000 or 4000 quantities.

What are the types of flyers?

Flyers available online on our website are of 4 sizes (DL, A6, A5 & A4) and can be chosen in one side or both sides printed. Paper stock available is premium silk coated on both sides.

How do I print flyers in Word?

Yes, you can print flyers in Word but while designing flyers, you must ensure using high-resolution images like 300 dpi resolution size in actual use size. We would still recommend you designing it on Flyer Printing online design tool as it is better in terms of alignment and gives you alert for lower resolution images if used in the artwork.

What is a good size for a flyer?

There is no such correct answer for this, it totally depends on your content, design & budget. We have all 4 popular sizes available on the inkprint flyer page.

What type of marketing is Flyers?

Flyer marketing is BTL marketing type in marketing segmentation. BTL stands for Below The Line advertising which means more focused low-cost advertising and marketing activities than ATL (above the line) advertising like Tv & Radio Ads.

What paper to use for flyers?

Since the shelf life of flyers is quite lesser hence generally 90 GSM to 130 GSM Papers are popular among buyers depending on usage, budget and brand positioning.

What size is an A5 flyer? What size is a half-page flyer?

A5 (5.83x 8.27) flyer is exactly half the size of the regular A4 size paper you use in office and home printers in India. Internationally it may vary, which paper you are using in your printers.

How do you advertise flyers?

Below are popular ways to advertise flyers

  1. Newspaper Insertion:

Inserting them in newspapers is the most popular usage.

  1. Dropping at doors:

Door to door flyers dropping is also a common way to make sure micro-penetration of your advertisements.

  1. By Hand Distribution:?

At popular market places, near food joints, shopping centers, bakeries, grocery shops, and malls or car parking.

  1. Shipping with orders:

Shipping flyers with your orders to already converted customers for upselling products.

Why is a flyer important?

Flyers are easy to catch the attention of prospects, quick in delivering crucial immediate information to readers, and action-oriented. Readers or customers read them because they are easy to read, less time taking and informative in fewer words then brochures & catalogs. So Creating flyers for your brand & products is very useful.

What is the difference between a leaflet and a flyer?

In our general usage, there is no much difference in flyers & leaflet but leaflets are better designed and upgraded versions of flyers. But don’t get stuck in words, these 2 words are interchangeable in most cases.

I already had my flyer designed. Can I upload my own design?

Yes surely, after choosing specifications, the next step will also include the option to upload, design online, or supply a design file later. You can upload a print-ready design file there. Hence placing an order for flyer printing or Pamphlet printing is far easier with!

In our general usage, there is no much difference in flyers & leaflet but leaflets are better designed and upgraded versions of flyers. But don’t get stuck in words, these 2 words are interchangeable in most cases.


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