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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints


1 Canvas Print Starting from INR 400 only!

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What is Canvas Printing?


Canvas printing is fully new-age technology. This canvas print technology has given a new dimension to personalized photo prints. Our 6” X 4” traditional photo frames have been replaced with new digital canvas printing methods.

In recent years, a new trend has emerged. A large number of corporate and business owners are ordering canvas prints to beautify their offices. Canvas prints add to the atmosphere of a room and spread strong signals of personalization


Canvas Prints – Unbox the Memories & Display on Wall


Canvas prints are often used as a cheaper alternative to framed artwork as there is no glazing required and the pine frame is not usually visible, so do not need to be varnished, or treated.

In Canvas Printing, an image printed on canvas by an inkjet printer. Canvas prints are very similar to oil and acrylic paintings, these evoke an artistic feel and aesthetic appeal.


Fabric for the Canvas made of – for Canvas Poster Making


The fabric of Canvas poster-making is a plain-woven fabric of hemp fiber. It is strong and highly durable in quality. It’s the same fabric used in making tents, backpacks, or any waterproof usable items. The same is was and is used to create photo canvas prints. But currently cotton, linen, and polyester have replaced hemp.

The main difference between the print of Cotton and Polyester – color seeps in cotton fibers whereas in polyester strands it remains on the surface. Due to this polyester-based canvas prints are more vibrant and vivid than cotton prints but cotton prints are long-lasting.

Cotton prints are high quality and more nearby the resemblance and closer to look as hand-made museum-worthy artifact although polyester is an affordable option with bold and colorful prints.


Types of Layouts of Canvas Printing online

Types of layouts of Canvas printing online depends on the space and nature of the premises, such as home wall décor or Hotel lobby, etc. Basically, there are two types of photo canvas prints –

  • Single Panel – This is the simplest way to print photo canvas. Single Panel canvas is the best choice for a statement piece or for a small space such as your home’s drawing area or lobby. Because in these places more than one print gives a crowded feel and a messy look.
  • Multi-Panel – Multi-panel canvas prints are moreover creative in comparison to single panel prints. Under this method of canvas printing, an image splits into 1,2 or 10 different section and fit in more than one canvas. This type is for larger wall space or plenty of room to place the canvas prints.

Apart from a single panel and multi-panel, there are two more types of canvas prints:

  • Personalized/custom canvas prints – Personalized canvas prints are actually your own collection of own or family photographs and artwork made by you. These custom canvas prints mainly use for gifting and decoration of your own house and office wall/space.
  • Stock Image prints– Stock images canvas prints are pre-made graphics/photographs/mandala arts/natures paintings or any other image from an online portal. You can choose from free pics or paid images from online sites for your canvas prints. There is no customization, it prints exactly it appears.


Shapes & Sizes of Canvas Prints online


Selection of shape & size of canvas prints online entirely based on the wall/space, it will be placed on. Canvas prints can be Square, Rectangular, Hexagon, and Mini/medium/large or over-sized.

Square shape – Equal length for each side of the print image. If seeking perfect symmetry on the walls, Square prints canvas create and fabricating the same. Perfect for grid layout and use of multiple/multi-panel canvas prints.

Rectangular shape – Two sides longer or short than the other two sides. Good for walls where space is unequal either vertically or horizontally. This shape is also good to fill gaps in asymmetrical layouts.

Hexagon Shape prints – Six side polygon shape prints. This shape is a unique statement art piece for a special space.

Mini Sized Prints – Most used to decorate small spaces around your house with beautiful memories. Best to fill the open gap in shelves, the back wall of bedside, etc. Mini sizes are:

  • 4”x4” inches – tiny size
  • 4”x6” inches
  • 6”x6” inches
  • 5”x7” inches

Small to medium-sized Prints – perfect to multi canvas print layouts for a large room or fill small wall space.

  • 8”x10” inches – standard size for the family pictures
  • 10”x10” inches – Square, Perfect for multi canvas layout
  • 10”x20” inches – Good for landscape photos
  • 11”x14” inches – Medium-sized look good for large wall
  • 12”x12” inches – similar to 10”x10” inches
  • 14”x16” inches – Good for portrait or wedding photos.

Large/Oversized canvas prints – These extra-large sizes canvases are the perfect and the best choice for high-quality photos.

  • 20”x20” inches – Perfect for gallery walls
  • 20”x24” inches – Look good in guest room and hallways
  • 24”x24” inches – Perfect to place above any signature piece of furniture or above the headboard
  • 24”x36” inches – similar to 24”x24”
  • 30”x40” inches – look good on living room and offices
  • 36”x36” inches – Best use as stand out piece for large room/wall


Uses of Canvas Printing

There are mainly four ways to use canvas printing –

  • Home & Office Décor – Now these days canvas print is the most popular wall décor item for homes and offices. This is the first choice while interior by owners and interior designers. Personalized family pictures, own artwork, or stock images canvases are used to décor these places.
  • Framing Artwork – May be any of your near & dear or you itself has some own created painting, and you want secure that artwork for a long time/lifetime. Then and there the canvas prints are used to give a better house to those artworks.
  • Reproduction of your artwork – Canvas printing is popular for this purpose. It gives a chance to get the artwork of people under their affordability. Because everyone can’t expensive framed artwork. This idea also protects the images from damage as well as provide durability for life long.
  • Gifts – Gifts are quite similar to framing artwork. Just the difference is that you can gift canvas prints to your friends and family to share enchanting and mesmerizing memories. These gift canvas prints are things that you would love to preserve for life.
  • Exhibition purpose – If you are an artist, get your artwork/painting on canvas prints, display/exhibit them in an exhibition or artist group show. It will give an eye-catching experience to the audience and appreciation to the artist.



Designs popularly used for Canvas printing online India


Canvas printing needs to be specifically customized according to your taste and preferences, Space, and layout. There are some popular prints that fit best in the above-said facts:

  • Modern/Abstract Design: The designs with bold colors, unique and abstract designs.
  • Family Photos: Photos of Family reunion/function, Festive celebration/marriage candid, family holiday portrait, etc.
  • Inspirational Quotes: best for kids’ room, educational, and spiritual places. The inspirational quotes canvas print can be with images or only quotes.
  • Pets/wildlife design: So many people have a very strong bond and deep love with their pets, and they love to hang pets’ photogenic pics on their surroundings. The same way animal lovers get framed the beautiful wild animal/birds.
  • Landscapes designs: Photos of the family trip to wildlife centaury, landscapes of fascinating hills or forest beauty.
  • Maps Prints: Maps are another useful and popular canvas prints.


Quality Check of printing Canvas online India

There are certain point checks for printing canvas online India can help you to examine and certain about quality aspect.

  • Type of Canvas – Is the canvas is branded? It should be branded canvas.

 What is the type of fabric for print?  Cotton or Polyester. You may choose the fabric as per your artwork and need for presentation. But the cotton canvases considered best for canvas printing.

  • Thickness Of Canvas – Check the GSM. Printing canvas with good thickness considered a quality material to print photos.
  • Stretched bars of the canvases – 3.2cm stretched bars considered as ideal thickness.


Precautions for Canvas Printing – Enhance its life


Although Canvas printing is rough & tough prints objects. But still, little care will keep them a fresh look for long as new.

  • Save them from direct sunlight
  • Keep them away from moisture, dampness can ruin the canvas
  • Do gentle dusting by soft cloth, linen is advisable


Why Us?

We are the leading printing company in India and in NCR. Our online digital printing and offset printing has carved out a niche for themselves.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready and capable of solving every query of yours while providing an honest opinion about the products.

Our canvas printing process is widely appreciated in the industry and we have successfully beautified houses and offices of hundreds of small and big company owners.

Not only in the corporate arena, are our canvas printed paintings proudly hanging on the walls of several houses across the country. helps you in printing excellent quality canvas prints at the best prices, guaranteed. You can personalize or customize your canvas prints online with complete ease. We use premium canvas and the highest quality inks to make your canvas prints are resistant to aging.


What’s more for you?

We continuously work to bring in satisfaction and quality in our products. At, we assure of unmatched quality and great customer service.

We offer-

  • Best quality printing
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  • Fastest production time
  • Select your size, quantity and frame type and get an estimated quote instantly. 
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