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Product Labels & Stickers

Product Labels & Stickers


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Product Labels – An informative Tag

Product Labels are a significant figure in the Packaging industry. Packaging is an essential and inseparable component of the manufacturing segment. Also, label and Packaging complement each other utmost.

They are identification instruments primarily.  Adequate packaging feature enhance and promotes the appearance of the product. This function performs an informative purpose rightly by using a tag.

The packaging is a combination of various printed objects. It’s associated with other printed artifacts like printed cartons, Bopp or printed tapes, printed butter paper, Hang Tags, etc. but labels are the most usable connector in the aspect of identification tools and effective branding instruments in between product and consumer.

Importance of Packaging & Product Labels

How do we recall or recognize any brand or product? The answer is by its specific Logo, design, and brand color. The distinct labels are one of the prominent identifiable featured products.

Labeling is brought into play by marketers to help the viewers to identify and differentiate the product type as well as grab their attention too and add a visual appeal to it. The labels are principally focused on providing the information, giving instructions, or identifying an item is a specific purpose. Moreover, most of them carry the brand logo too.

Whereas the custom labels can be a glossy or Matte, colorful miniature piece of printed object tell-all about different narratives to fix consumers’ minds…..customized design can be focused more on decoration, sizes, catchy design, and tasteful color scheme. And also focused on paper & printing quality with font type should be attractive and readable with deliverable information. It encourages potential buyers to purchase the product.

Good Packaging and labeling promote convenience and information transmission of the product.  A label communicates and indicates how to use, transport, recycle or dispose of the product.

Significance of Brand Packaging and Labels

Stickers & Labels are tried and tested formulas in Branding Packaging and Labeling to use as a promotional tool for brand marketing. It adds value and charm to brand extension and buying experience for consumers. Its captivating configuration projects a markable character to draw customers’ emotions and sanity.

Actually, branding is sharing. It establishes an inaudible but visible & creative dialog chain in between production a Packaging a Transportation/Shipping à Retailer end-user/consumer. And this is the best way to share your brand story and institute the brand image in the extremely vast territory by touching all connected segments of it.

Creativity can be constructed through bold letters and colors. These efforts can surely help to achieve fantastic advertisement results for brand promotion. The other way to boost out-turn of marketing is by displaying and printing the company’s core value on promotional product Labels & Stickers that bestow a generous outlook.

Packaging of any product is the manifesto of brand creativity & visibility, marketing promotion. A custom label can add importance and serviceability values by the manufacturer for product protection, identification & information.

Types of Product Labels Online

Branded Product Labels – plays a key role in branding to improve brand-building programs. Branded Stickers & label need to be securely and sturdily bound into the product surface area in a way that is ideal for that product.

There are two basic types of adhesive / branded labels:

  • Removable and
  • Non-removable/Permanent


  • Permanent Adhesive based: The most common and least expensive type. Suitable for non-polar surfaces, films, and corrugated boxes/ boards. Not recommended for a highly curved surface.
  • Semi-Permanent Adhesive based: Removable and reusable at the desired affixes perfectly on the object itself. Also called repositionable adhesive/ label.
  • Removable/ peelable Adhesive based: hold the surface strongly, don’t fall off easily, on removal, it isn’t destroyed and adhesive stays on the back of product labels not on the surface it was pasted. These types can be used only once.
  • Freezer Adhesive based: Best to use in an extremely cold environment without peeling or cracking.
  • Removable Labels –
  • Removable Filing – Help to identify files & folders quickly. Manage a clear- filing system effectively.
  • Removable Pricing Labels – Ideal for shop owners, market stalls craft fairs, etc. to indicate the prices and promotional messages as well.
  • Removable Multi-purpose Types – Most Compatible and popular types. Best is used for retailing items like – handbag tags, garments, etc.
  • Removable Printable Tags – Perfect to use for marking purposes. Applied in catalogs, diaries & textbooks, etc.

    Permanent Labels Used in:

  • Beauty & Body care
  • Candles
  • Food Products
  • Beverages & Alcohol Packaging
  • Health & Pharmaceutical
  • Product Bottles
  • Cosmetic & Perfume Bottles
  • Barcode and QR Code


The packaging labels are a status symbol to install business branding at the mass level. Product stickers enhance the business reputation if it applies in the right way on branding products. Here are some benefits:

  • Professional Packaging by custom Labels – Professional packaging is high in demand in the current industry. A product like a Label with the company’s name & logo, product detail, contact information, barcode, or QR code creates trust in the product brand, which tells buyers everything they need to know. This trust builds a pathway for consumers to attach to long-term relationships.
  • Adequately suits to the product – Label designs should be suitably matched and aligned with product nature. The size & shape, text size & font, the Color scheme should be aesthetically combined and product-oriented.
  • Easy to create online – The first step is to upload the design of Labels. Mention the other required details like size and shape, quantity, etc. Check and approve the proof before final printing. Get fully satisfied before the final production.

Strength & Properties of Label printing online

Product Label printing is a modish & convincing way to inflate the visibility of brand pre-eminence, whether it is a product launch event, trade fair, or personalized gift, or smart packaging. Stickers labels find their patrons across all industries. It is realistically possible by a dynamic printing facility that offers-

  • Bright, glossy, and colorful label complements the logo & theme of the business’ brand
  • Wide-ranging shapes of customized label
  • Diversified paper options
  • Custom label designs for diverse customers preferences

The printed labeling carries significant advantages of durability and usefulness for a considerable time because of the usage of new features like lamination (matt or gloss) and advanced adhesives.

Features of Label Sticker Rolls

Customize label sticker rolls a requisite part of Branding. It is an extensive medium to involve the buyer with the product.

  • Affordable – Labels are inexpensive alternatives instrument taking the brand name in the next stage. Using this trick project your brand visibly and strongly in-crowd than the opponent.
  • Versatile – Labels are resourceful equipment for packaging. Once it is created with diverse patterns and styles, it lengthens the reachability across physical boundaries. This diversifying pattern fabricates a pleasing look to the brand and product.
  • Adoptability – It amplifies a new look to the product with a modish theme over any traditional branding methods. It speaks of your dedication towards your branding efforts to receive endorsement from end-users.
  • Amplify the viability of the brand – Customize product labels are a magnificent approach to share your business brand tales with grace. It entitles the client to understand the unimaginable face behind the wall of your brand.

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