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Custom Bookmark Designs


Creative, vibrant, and beautiful bookmark designs are a valuable advertising resource for your business. Additionally, Paper bookmarks are wonderful complimentary gifts and give away for your business associates, employees, and customers.

Custom printed bookmarks are an economical, modest yet simple and direct instrument to share a promotional message. It can be a more effective form of branding as it is a very useful item for bibliophiles or scholars who are in love with books. All casual readers also appreciate it and whenever they open their book your brand name and message will be seen each time with custom bookmarks.


Use of Bookmark size Vs Flyer


Bookmark size is alike mini-flyer. People are preferably more apt to pick up bookmarks. Why are they inclined towards bookmarks more than flyers? Simply because it serves such a useful purpose continually, and cannot be hastily discarded, whereas flyers are for information and pure marketing instruments, no further utilization.

However, Flyers are a highly considerable product to deliver your message out fast and effectively. But no doubt that bookmarks are a great and majestic alternative to flyers because of its reshow exposure to your business message and branding image.


Benefits of Printing Custom Paper Bookmarks


Paper Bookmarks are the substantial instrument of your business marketing and promotional strategy to improve the reach with on-going visible connectivity with the user, client, or audience. Bookmarks are handy items with a variety of sizes, shapes, and finish.

Custom paper bookmarks are a reliable, remarkable, powerful, and productive marketing tool for publication business, book store, stationery shop, etc. Here are few focused facts to evince it promotion and marketing effectiveness of bookmarks:


The need for Creative Bookmarks Printing

The need for Creative bookmarks printing can be understood in these ways:


Convenient and Compact


Due to their convenient and compact size and shapes, it establishes itself as a hassle-free distributing items into large gatherings/events or wide audiences. It can be handed out easily and spontaneously wherever opportunities emerge such as networking and specific occasions or events. The size of bookmarks is a special feature that makes it appealing for customers and audiences.

Bookmarks are the perfect example of “Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaka” (Small Packet Big Bang). Instead of a big catalog or booklet, it is the best tools pocket fit brand ambassador for your business name. Bookmarks are identical to business cards like:

  •         It can be easily handed out to the people passing throughway
  •         It is an attractive, useful, and effective medium of advertisement and promotion


Cost-effective and affordable


Custom bookmarks are the most creative, vibrant, classy yet surprisingly a super affordable component of print marketing. It is cheap but still decently effectual result-oriented marketing strategies. It is an ideal instrument to generate interest in products & services and maintain the balance between advertising and monetary expenses in marketing. Customized personalized bookmarks are a great thing at an affordable cost to start putting money to create and improve product marketing services.


Familiar Usage


The product and methods which are most useful are the best means to rely on advertising and marketing, these get more attention and appreciation from people. Any type of marketing method adopted must be effective, consistent, and reliable on exposure for interested audiences. As an example, TV media ads and space on public transportation generates heavier exposure that why these are very expensive.

On the other side bookmarks are a great resource to accomplish the requirement of good exposure on a reasonable budget. This is the product that is mostly used in daily or regular intervals. Bookmark ensures continually reminding of the product or occasion/events you have endorsed. A bookmark is inclined with a two-way gesture – A gift vs a marketing instrument.

Picturesque and Customizable


This highly competitive business world requires those types of marketing products which can stand out strongly and uniquely amongst all in the crowd. Bookmarks designs, looks, and shapes are easily customizable according to the needs of business and event. Bookmark promotion is a picturesque marketing technique that helps the product stand out loudly and amongst all.

The other notable benefits of bookmarks are its direct connection with education – reading and learning. While creating a bookmark design for your business, you associate it with a great combination of intellect, experience, and professionalism.


Advantageous and constructive use of Versatility of Bookmarks


The creative bookmarks can be used as:

  •         Attractive and magnificent party invitations
  •          A functional alternative to be used as a business card
  •          The smart and artful trick to mark product pages in Catalogs or Booklets
  •         Used as Achievement price name card to motivate the winner
  •         Most perfect economical and attractive give away for mass distribution such as trade show
  •         Used as a sale coupon, a very popular and credible strategy it is.
  •         A great alternate or reflex form of flyers
  •         Pleasing party favors


Printing and Coating of Bookmarks – Buy Bookmarks online India


Buy Bookmarks online India with inkprint. Bookmarks are popular promotional material as a giveaway. Promotional bookmarks always used to be printed in colorful designs in full bleed. To increase the look, durability, and longevity the lamination and UV coating methods are applied, these coating and fine cuts improve the visual appeal and attractiveness.

But before printing makes sure that it designed well and perfectly suitable to promote business with loyalty in long run:

Ø  Use of sturdy and high-quality paper stock – Quality paper stock establishes professional credibility as well as durability. Never use flimsy paper and it destroys the professional appeal.

Ø  Select the right color scheme – Color selection must be in coordination with the nature of business. For certain businesses, black & white colors can be ideal but if printing the bookmark for an ice-cream parlor, salon, or bouquet shop black & white won’t be good, add catchy appeal and select the right color that fits effectively to your business type.

Ø  Focus on the right Finish – Finishing is one of the most important parts to enhance effectiveness.  You can choose UV, Glossy or matte finish, lamination, and coating for bookmarks.

Ø  Utilize the maximum space – Bookmarks are the product with very limited space, so the maximum and best use of space are needed. You can use both side printing for proper utilization and include the business name and message.


Customized Attractive Bookmarks customers and distributors


The below-motioned customers and organization are the most primary distributor of customized attractive bookmarks:


Educational organization – Schools & colleges, Educators, and libraries

Bookmarks are obvious and buddy items to distribute with books. It can be printed based on book recommendations, the author’s profile, information about book club membership, and so on.

Bookmarks are a tool that can encourage reading and boost the school’s pride. Bookmark design can be print class schedules, sports event calendars, lists of rules, instructions, useful phone numbers, and such.

Companies of all sizes and natureBanking & financial, Lawyers & legal offices, Medical, scientific, development, and technical companies, etc.

Bookmarks are an economical way to repetitive exposure to the company name, message or slogan, brand logo, website, etc. for promotional benefits.

Charities, Religious Organizations, and community groups –

Bookmarks for such type of purposes to spread goodwill and attract solicit donations, encourage volunteering, an announcement of programs and events.


Why Us?


We are the leading printing company in India and in NCR. Our online digital printing and offset printing has carved out a niche for themselves.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready and capable of solving every query of yours while providing an honest opinion about the products.

We have carved out a niche for us in the bookmarker printing sector and our team prides itself on delivering hundreds of premium bookmarkers to avid readers and companies.

We have matt and gloss lamination available to add more artistry to your bookmarkers.


What’s more for you? We offer-


  •         Best quality printing
  •         Choicest art paper
  •         Supreme ink so that it does not fade or cracks
  •         Money-back guarantee
  •         Affordable prices
  •         Fastest production time
  •         Worldwide shipping



Get customized bookmarks for avid book readers.


The bookmark may be a small item that remains hidden inside the books, but they are quite important for book lovers. People who like to read books one after the other love to have bookmarks. They make the book reading experience pleasant as you can place the bookmark on the page where you left reading and resume it again anytime.

Have you ever thought about getting a custom bookmark design? You can create beautiful bookmarks with personalized designs. These bookmarks can be gifted to someone you know on any special occasion for making them feel special. We have a number of unique and attractive designs for bookmarks printing online. All you need to do is explore our website and choose the design of your choice.

Apart from our designs, you can also upload a design of your choice to get a personalized bookmark made. We assure you of precision and quality, and the bookmarks are delivered as expected. We take only 3-5 business days for delivering the order.

Our bookmarks printing service also caters to corporate for bulk orders. The bookmarks can be used for promotional activities as well. The company can get promotional messages printed on the bookmarks and distribute them to their valued customers.


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