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100 Lanyards Starting from INR 60 Only!

Unit Price: 96.00
Dispatch By: Friday July 05, 2024
Lanyard Width
Card Holder
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Impeccable Lanyard Printing from Ink Print?

Lanyards help secure loose ends like ID cards, whistles, brochures, and leaflets. Ink Print offers printing services for lanyards of all kinds and colors. Our printing is attractive, durable, and done with precision. When you want to make a good, positive impact on the branding of your company name on the lanyard, call us. We are the best printing service in the business.

Price for each lanyard printing?

The price of the 10 lanyard is 1,200 @ 120 for each. The Lanyards Printing is fully digital color printing. You can change the color for your lanyard as you desire.?

ID card lanyards

ID card lanyards are indispensable because they help to keep the ID cards safe. There are many kinds of ID card lanyards. Each is designed for the best safety and comfort of use.

  1. Employee ID – This type of lanyard is used by employees of a concern. It is imprinted with the name and logo of the company. Upload a logo or company name and it will be used to make the lanyard.

  2. Student ID card – This is used by the students for keeping their ID cards safe. Students are prone to losing things and the lanyard will help them keep their IDs safe. Get the lanyards printed at Ink Print in the way it is specified by your institution.?

Customize the lanyard

You can customize the lanyard as per your requirements. Choose from there different colors and order your lanyard. They come in the standard width of 20 mm. If you want lanyards of different materials, contact our Lanyards Design team and they will help you out with your needs. If you need printing for a large number of lanyards, you can order them in advance. Give the team at least one week’s advance notice to get things ready for you.?

Retractable reel yoyos

These are used mostly with students IDs and bus passes. The yoyos help retract the ID when it slips out of reach. Another use is to use the yoyos as a source of amusement. We give you top-quality retractable reel yoyo lanyard printing at attractive prices. But, only a few people use them.

A-grade lanyards

When you need superior grad lanyards, you order the A-grade lanyards. These are made of higher quality material and will last longer than the standard items. If you have high-traffic regions, you will be better off using A-grade lanyards. This will help them last longer and give you better service.

Satin lanyards

These are multicolor lanyards used for all kinds of purposes. We do the satin lanyard printing with great care so they remain distinct and attractive. You can promote your brand well this way. Many people prefer the use of satin because they come in attractive colors and have good durability.

Exhibitor cards lanyards

Exhibitor cards are looped around with a lanyard. Use the best lanyard print service in town. Call us and you will get high-quality service at a reasonable price. It is comparable to any other printing service around.?

Conference badge holders?

Conference badges need lanyards to hold it in place. In most cases, these lanyards need to be imprinted with the name of the conference, the event organizer, or the sponsoring company. If you need the conference badge holder lanyards printed, get in touch with Ink Print for your needs.?

Material for the lanyards

The normal material used for making lanyards is polyester though it could be also made from satin or silk. Ordinary quality lanyards are made from nylon. We provide neat and high-quality printing on all these material in the quantity you need. We offer the best Lanyard Printing services for all types of materials. There are instances of people ordering braided leather lanyards also.

Make your orders online

It is relatively simple to order your lanyards online. Check the designs and colors we have before you order. You will be able to find the prices listed against each of the items. By having a visual inspection of the lanyards and the kind of printing we do, you will be able to place your order the exact thing you want.

We do doorstep delivery of your lanyard. You can take possession of the lanyards in around 5 days (depends on the shipping agent such as FedEx).




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