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Pocket Folders

Pocket Folders


1000 Pocket Folders Starting from 20 Only!

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Folder Design of Pocket Folders – its importance


Folder Design of Pocket folders – the best manner and smart way to hold, organize and handing over your marketing and promotional material & documents to your clients and visitors. These offer significantly more than only its functional use, as in brand extension placing in mass.

This shows a systematic, orderly, and sequential presentation of documents and also establishes a strong appearance for brand identity. The most regular size of folder design is A4, even though you can choose a smaller size too. Standard internal design conventionally it has two pockets inside, but it has other options based on your material and insertions. 

Pocket folders/Presentation folders – Branded Mask of marketing & Promotional Docs 

Pocket folders are a bunching tool for printed promotional material. Whenever you are meeting or visiting the client/s, this traditional yet valuable method of presenting your business powerfully.


Use of Pocket/ Business Folder printing – When and Where?


Pocket/Business folder printing is legit and shielding stationary. And a wonderful strategy to give the coverage with a multitude of visibility to your brand appropriately in the public. There are multiple ways to use the pocket folders such as: introducing a new product or services or as a Press kit – A package of standard promotional material.

Conferences or Trade shows

Conferences, trade shows, or these type of other public and audience based events are the best location & occasions to show off your branding services. Pocket folders are a kind of essential stationery if your promotional documents set has more than one piece of paper.  It is a needful article for effective marketing presentation. Any type of marketing material can be inserted inside of the pocket folder like booklets, business/visiting cards, brochures, flyers, notepads, stickers, gift vouchers, Metal pens, or any other appurtenances which can easily and comfortably fit in it. It is quite easy for attendees to carry without bedlam and for you to hand on in gracefully.

Media Press Kits

Mostly establish business brands used to do media publicity of their product & services on regular intervals to promote it.  While connecting with media it is helpful to provide those complete informational documents and marketing & PR material about the company profile and product & services. At that time the Pocket folders are very useful to hand press release with a complete kit in a well-organized way. The marketing team can add metal pens or gift vouchers as a giveaway or complimentary gift for attendees that shows nice gestures as well as a great impression to audiences. This neat and organized handing on of kit can benefit your business in many ways and to build long term relationships, and to get proper coverage too.


Customer Service & Information Pack

Pocket Folders a wonderful mode to focus on after-sales services and brand connecting too, as in –

  • if you have inserted instruction manual and warranty – guarantee information for your selling products & services’
  • Follow-up information for regular nature of services, such as – packed food, pest control, etc. – may be booklet along with added information and promotional material and offers to make them temp about their benefits.


Benefits of Custom Folders Printing


Business Identity magnifier – custom-designed and pocket Custom folders printing magnify the identity of your business brand and give an organized and professional look.

First Impression constitutor – The presentation does matter a lot. Once you hand on business marketing docs such as price lists, brochures, etc. with anyone in a properly organized form, it constitutes an appreciable impression.

Meeting and presentations – sharing the documents on the meeting table with invitees or leaving the docs for referral with personalized pocket folders plant you as a grounded and creative personality.

Cost-effective method of advertising – printed folders are an economical and least-cost method of advertising your brand in the most effective events and gathering to promote your business, as it needs one-time design and printing cost.

Personal Messenger with Personalize touch to showcase the business – Printed pocket folders the opportunity to showcase your brand & business with manner and caliber. Once the recipient picks your folder it transfers the feel that you are servicing best with care, without any sub-standards.

Functional Consistency – Consistent communication with clients in a written mode in the form of marketing messages included and printed on the presentation folder create a sense of uniformity and regularity. Because once the organizing skill combines with written conformity about your business ethics.


Marketing and Design Ideas for Printed Folders by professional Folder Maker


Printed folders designed and printed by a professional folder maker creates an excellent mode to drive your brand status in an extra height for your clients.

If you want to polish and push up your marketing efforts a little extra? Wanna keep you over top in any presentation or sales meeting?  Add Printed presentation/Pocket folder in your marketing promotion kit.

Our 9” X 12” pocket folder is a perfect and ideal size to hold standard size letterhead, brochure, flyer as well as sell sheets. Placing the sales sheets with brochures in your business folders improves a professional and organized appearance.


Design tips to help and maximize the creativity of custom Pocket Folders – file Printing


Before design a custom pocket folders – file printing, you need to identify the purpose and event for which it is getting designed, such as – a simple folder for day to day office work or attract and impress the business client.

Accordingly, you need to put extra features to give the professional touch & feel – add suitable lamination, thick and durable paper stock, quality color/ink, and embossed logo. etc. A well-designed branding pocket folders an automatic eye-catcher in first look and setup first impression.

Few remembering points to help –

While Designing:

  • Define clearly your business Name, Logo, and tagline prominently on the front of the folder in addition to any design used and what are you presenting (product & services)
  • Entice and captivate the recipient to look and inspect inside
  • Use customized folders to show and take pride in presenting information about your company
  • Print your contact information in the right place
  • Use the right size of design template
  • Design in full-color profile (CMYK) and selection of color should be associated with the company
  • Use branded and contemporary color scheme and ink
  • Mark proper edges and die-cuts
  • Use high-resolution images for the best result
  • Proof read your text and check design properly before the final print
  • Add a cd/DVD slot pocket to insert digital info as well

For an extra professional look, a few extra features need to include:

While Printing:

  • Lamination in the outer cover
  • Add a separate business card slot on the pocket
  • Use foiling, spot UV, embossing, or other designing & printing feature and elements by the suggestion of your printing service provider.


Professional Folder Design & Printing services for presentation


It might be alluring to choose a generic plain and simple looking vanilla folder design & Printing, because the thought behind this vanilla look is the important and useful information is placing inside, right?

Think little extra ordinary, your pocket folder also becomes a highly impressive tool of marketing material in itself. A stunning and impressive designed cover includes a business logo, print tagline or marketing messages, or any short but relevant details, without cluttering. There is no reason to not utilize the cover front of pocket folder space effectively and advantageously to give the face of your brand via this fab marketing tool.


Sharing the Knowledge is Power – Order File Folders Online


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