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Ultra Thick Business Cards

Ultra Thick Business Cards


200 cards starting from INR 3.85 only!

Unit Price: 9.00
Dispatch By: Thursday, July 4, 2024
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Special Luxury Thick Business Cards Design for Businessmen

Ultra Thick Visiting Cards are premium segment cards who want their cards to be remembered. These cards are available in 5 varieties listed on the calculator.

Thick Business Cards Printing

You can upload your business card file or design yourself. Inkprint s designing tool reduces big business’s Admin or HR efforts of customizing personal information in business cards? templates. Your new or promoted employees can put their personal information in your selected or designed business card template and order online business card printing.

  • Offers a variety of sizes and die-cuts
  • Multiple premium options of imported paper, laminations, and coatings

Get your core business values on your card so it stands out instantly. At Ink Print we give you what you deserve, terrific cards with a no-nonsense approach that is designed to thrill. Our thick luxury visiting cards design is well-thought-out and created so it remains pristine. You bring the company to the forefront with the card that matters.

Combine different seams and patterns

We have a wide range of seams you could choose from. It comes in scintillating colors and patterns so you can have a different card for each occasion. Do not compromise with unneeded trivia, keep your leading foot in line with your customers demands. It is the best way to cater to your customer’s needs without compromising your position. The business at hand is always of paramount importance and that
is conveyed through this exquisite card.

Get the interest of your clients-to-be with the spectacular layout and intricate patterns on the card. We provide an innovative layered edge design that adds value to the content of the card. It speaks loud and shows that it cares about the customer and his interest. Pick from the wide range of cards at Ink Print and be out there in front of the business endeavor.

Extra durable and thick business cards

The enhanced thickness gives extra durability so the cards will last much longer than ordinary cards. Choose different materials to add to the glamour of the card. We do customized printing for our special clients and so you can use these dramatic cards to show your special concerns that your company takes care of.

You can order just 100 cards or you could order a thousand at one go. We handle all your orders with equal dedication so you get it in time. Our customers value us for our timely delivery and prompt service. And, did we mention that it is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Pick the right mood for your card by choosing the right color. The luxury thick visiting cards printings are specially created for special customers, like you.

Cater to customer demands

Create an outstanding brand that commands the customer range adequately. Your business deserves this recognition and you can keep up with the demands of the time in an outgoing way. The visual appeal of the card is symbolic of your company’s stature. We take special care to keep this at the top of the list of priorities. We create new shades to improve the visual impact and promote brand awareness effectively. You get optimal final results that are sure to scintillate your clients no end.

Personalize your brand promotion for separate events like a product launch or a business meeting. choose cards that go well with the situation so your customers remain impressed both by the event and by the card you choose for your special event. You deserve it, all you have to do is make the effort to get something new and we will provide it. We are always there for you with our special offerings day after day, all the way.


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