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20 Notepads Starting from INR 55. MOQ starts at 10 Only.
Tip: Higher is the Quantity, Lesser is the Price per copy!

Unit Price: 70.00
Dispatch By: Thursday June 20, 2024
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Notepads | Writing Pad Online- A bouquet of multiple notes collected from different sources.

Writing Pad Online Notepads are a great promotional instrument and handy official stationery. Online Notepads design for utility + branding. Writing Pad Online keeps your company name and brand visibility in front of its users and prospective clients.

Notepads are the best artifact to give as a complimentary gift to your clients, and you will get a return gift as your business Branding. Budgetary it’s a great and effective return of investment marketing your branding tool which offers repeated exposure.

It’s a multi-purpose, multi-user, official as well as individual use stack of paper pages product. Notepad is a product people have countless ways to use. It is used for recording the routine notes. memoranda or any other writings, also used for drawing and sketching. 

It’s simple yet a creative item of the company’s promotional tool kit. It is also known as a Notepad, drawing pad, or legal pad.


Concept of Your Customized Notepads Online

Customized Notepads Online is the ideal way to chase your ambition. Almost every printed business stationery (Notebooks, Calendars, etc) carries the same ambition, to promote their company and products.

Add potential and maximize the visibility and reachability of your brand by providing and gifting (see customized mugs for gifting) the customize notepad to your clients. Here are some ideas to create your design:


Conceptualization of Design for custom Notepads

Custom notepads take on the purpose to increase awareness and promotional responsibility of your business name in between your clients. In this aspect, designing is the most important stage.

The first step is to develop the concept of design according to your business nature and client base.

You should have decided what type of design concepts and print you want. Regular simple design, Stand-alone desk pad match with 3D appearance, handmade paper with vintage effect, picturized cover, etc. Whatever type of design you choose, define your concept with other required details also such as Paper type and Quality selection, line guides marking, and binding. Stand-alone desk pad with to match up some high-end client base


Strive for Consistent and Associable Branding by Business Notepads

Business Notepads are over and over useable stationery in the regular official schedule. Notepads are a very substantial means to build brand awareness. Consistent and tuneful color schemes, font selection, and logo all together build the brand, strengthen it, and make it associable with your clients.


Ongoing Exposure by Customized and Personalized Notepads

Customized and Personalized notepads are frequently passed on stationery to professionals as give away.

These generate long-lasting impressions and stabilize it in the minds of your clients and associates. Branded Notepads are routinely used by your clients for making or writing notes and messages. It used for writing the strategies and ideas, meeting pointers, To-do List, points of group discussions, personal ideas and self-reminders, etc.  Notepads are great casual stationery to jot down any type of subject. Just think about yourself how often you use the notepad?   Notepads are subtle tactics to jack up brand credibility and acceptability.


Printed Notepads as Marketing Tools

Using Printed Notepads as a part of the traditional marketing strategy, it isn’t a new concept. But the charm still exists! Because nothing beats the satisfaction to write down your thought and ideas in your handwriting.  In current times the look has been modified, it isn’t just a writing pad. It has been turned more and more towards marketing & branding centric, the idea is to take the company’s name into customers and users.

Custom Notepad a repetitive use stationary, so they are the best instrument to expose the message on a constant basis. Repetition is the key to create an opportunity for a perfect branding. And through repetitive use of notepad, the company name soon establishes a recognized brand image by itself.

Research conducted by Princeton’s Pam A. and UCLA’s Daniel M. Oppenheimer shows that once use the laptop to jot down or take notes, your mind does not absorb it, because typing notes encourages verbatim and mindless transcription.

So to keep your mind active and sharp, naturally adaptable, and creative the own handwriting is best practice.

What is the real capacity of promotional notepads in marketing efforts & branding strategies revealed in the findings conducted by researchers in the year 2007, almost half of the survey participants say that they were more likely to do business with companies that gave them a promotional item. That study and survey show that notepads fit in perfectly as the best promotional product to take advantage of in your business. This is the best combinable item for the kit of printable marketing tools and your other efforts, it seems to have a synergic effect of business too. Notepads aren’t only an effective marketing tool but it helps to boost the business marketing strategies.


5 Tips – Printed Notepads Design

Custom Printed notepads allow sharing the business name and Tagline with your clients. Notepads are the only stationery which uses in the office as well as at home. It provides a helpful base to note down short messages, telephone notes, messages, grocery lists, etc. These are some useful advice for notepad printing orders:

Size and Dimensions – It matters

As such notepads can be printed in any size, but little focus on purpose will be more helpful and beneficial. The size and dimensions like:

  • 8.5” X11” – a large size (used in office, it’s a work station friendly size) – It is good to take plenty of notes but it’s not handy because of its large and bulky size and weight.
  • 4.25” X5.5” – A ideal size (useful for telephone notes, grocery lists, and short messages) – It is a good choice if looking for a small and handy size.

So, carefully decide what size would be most suitable for your business and clientele aspects for their best use.

Avoid over Designing 

Notepads are designed and print to miscellaneous use tools. Not to show the artwork. There should be clean and enough space to write ideas, and take notes. The design should not be dense and hefty, leave the proper place on paper for writing.

However, you have complete freedom to use the artwork on the cover page of the Notepads.

Includable Details of the company 

In the notepad, you can include a Business name and logo (at the top or side in a readable font and font size), Can include some design pattern, photo, or graphics UV or 3d print. But be cautious, don’t overload it with photos’ or graphics, just keep it real. For a more soothing look, you can add a watermark of the business logo on each page. This is a more impressive tactic to display brand names in every flip over without being a distraction.

Use Full Color Printing 

Full color creates a pleasant ambiance, a touchy feel, and an eye-catching effect to printed stationery. If it is budget-friendly, this little addition to the experiment can defiantly enhance the visibility and use of it by clients’ end.

Binding Quality and Type 

There are various binding options that are in use to bind the notepads.

  •         Simple glue binding on the top – it makes easy tear off the pages
  •         Metal or plastic coil binding with printed cardstock – It gives a more professional look, and touch
  •         Spiral binding on Top

Whichever type of binding you choose, make sure it should match with cover page design and to use for your perspective and regular clients.

Keep Your Name at Fingertips of clients

Wanna want to grab hold of your clients, make it easy for them to grab hold of YOU by creating a needful, potent, and attractive item like user-friendly size utility promotional notepads.

Notepads are economical, remarkable, feasible, and frequent in use, and to build on-going exposure by reappearing business name at the figure tips to clients by keeping it handy. Contact us for more details!


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