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Catalogs Printing & Catalog design: A Contemporary & Voguish Affair

Catalog design and Catalogs Printing is a creative persona to showcase your business brand professionally and efficaciously.

Catalog Printing is one of the powerful catalysts to promote products and services. A catalog is a substantial mode for branding and marketing initiatives mechanism.  It’s the most customary and ubiquitous printed form of business and product intro.

 Catalogs Printing is a collection and combination of creativity to present business, company’s introduction, and product & service details. It’s a direct marketing material to pitch promotional offers and an impressive instrument to acquire customers’ attention towards your Brand and Products.

Importance of Printing a Catalog for any business

Printing a Catalog is an effective and quick medium to introduce your products to your targeted audience. It’s a primary and important member of the Paper Print sales tool kit family with a logo, business card, pocket folders, etc. It uses to reinforce brand identity and awareness. The marketing professionals or specialists know very well that how much precision and exactness are involved in the formation of a good design which can create a difference in front of sales.

  •         It helps to attract the target segment of customers
  •         It provides a broad reference of product properties with detailed information
  •         It improves and refines the brand quality and identity
  •         Its Tailor-made content engaged the intended audience
  •         It widens the scope of off-line company promotion and established credibility and reachability

All apart these the more compelling point to create the design need to focuses on as much as possible are:

  •         Functionality and Pragmatically – the placement of subjects and information should be easy to understand, consult, and intuitively designed.
  •         Appealing and Captivating – select a good firm cover with high quality of paper for catalogs printing, a clean, modern, and attractive layout design.

Design Matter – Importance of aristocratic catalog designer in Delhi 

A well-crafted design catalog by a catalog designer in Delhi with the right presentation and appropriate colloquial can create the right impression to generate leads and achieve your targeted sales objectives. Catalog design essentially should be eye-catching & noticeable, classy & smart layouts, appealing & engaging images because a good catalog design is a foundation stone for an organization.

The objective of a catalog is to show the range of products & services in an easy, effective, and quickly understandable mode. Any catalog carries these intrinsic qualities that are capable to convert the purchasing thought into a purchase decision.

 Despite the popularity of social media, catalogs printing continues to influence customers and sales. In fact, now online catalogs printing in Delhi has taken over and the desired results can be achieved from the comfort of one’s office. Check out the advantages of online printing services for catalogs:

  • Attention-grabbing, custom-printing options such as foil stamping, embossing, and Die-                Cutting.
  • Unique infographics that telltale the story of your products.
  • Include stunning pictures, appropriate graphics, and self-explaining illustrations.
  • Excellent design options to highlight the uniqueness of your products and brand.
  • Customized services with delivery options through easy and quick direct mailing services.


Advantages of Catalogs Printing in Delhi 

The demand for catalog printing in Delhi has risen for good reasons. Appealing catalog designs actually support the increase in website traffic and convert to sales. Here is why and how catalogs continue to remain as a top marketing tool:

1) Provide a graphical representation of the products – Customers can skim through the product photographs, read detailed descriptions, and examine prices before actually buying the product.

2) Serve as long-term reminders – Existing and prospective customers often keep product catalogs for future reference.

3) Represent a business – Professional product catalog designs not only provide an overview of the products and services but also represent a business and reflect its core values.

4) Effective promotional medium – The high-quality, graphic printed catalogs perfectly complement promotional marketing strategy along with other modes such as leaflets, ads, and websites.


Format of Catalogs Printing Online 

Any type of catalog printing online is always created digitally, but the final product can be categorized into two forms:

  • Print Catalogs
  • Digital Catalogs 

Print Catalogs: Print catalogs considered paper-based world’s best sales & promotion tools with diverse advantages:

  • Substantive display and Constant Brand Exposure – Catalog is a sturdy and sizable, movable brand identity as well as table and desk-friendly physical printed branding object too, both of its properties show its importance in sales and marketing strategies itself.

The basic principle of advertising is to expose and establish the brand in deep of users’ minds & thinking constantly.

  • User-friendliness format – A clean and effectively printed catalog is the easiest way to make available the information with pictures to all ages, all temperament, and all type of targeted segments to create better understanding. An in-hand product has no comparison to digital format. A direct feel of touch gives a different dimension of connectivity, which is a missing fact in digital ways always.
  • Readability: printing quality, ease of text type, and size – The correct selection of appropriate paper type, text type, and clear, easily readable font size is the key to impressive catalog design. It needs a sensible approach & ability to pick & place these facts while planning and designing a catalog.
  • Quick Search of desired information – A bookmark is a tool that can land you the same page and place of information you want to see immediately. It helps you to return on the same page without flipping other pages with ease.

Digital Catalogs: Catalogs are created by using digital tools and distributed by digital means and promote their business and brands. These forms of catalogs provide various types of savings as printing & distribution costs, which is near about zero.


Component of Catalogs creation and Product CatalogsPrinting Services

Product Catalogs Printing Services composed and designed in various different parts. In these parts, some are fixed in used as front & back cover, table of content/index, and some can be changed or varied according to the type and nature of the project’s need.

  •         Front cover
  •         Index
  •         Introduction Page – with descriptions and advertisement
  •         Table of Contact/tabulation: chapters or sections, sub-chapters, page numbering or indicators
  •         Catalog: Chapters or section separators
  •         Table of Contact (second list): In alphabetical order or by code
  •         Final Pages: includes descriptions, pictures, advertisement, notes, and other relevant matters
  •         Back cover

How to Organize the Catalogue Designer in Delhi

The content and information in the catalog must be inserted in a very organized manner. There are many elements that need to consider while organizing the catalog effectively, into the customers’ comfort and point of view.

The elements can be organized either by category or by product features, such as pricing, color theme, application type, and so on.

The other important fact of the catalog is its “Structuring”. The different Structures required for different products or services. Such as if designing medical catalogs, in which arrangement of the articles by alphabetical order is more relevant. Some time and some other type of catalogs the product vise order could be more effective. Or it may be mixed structure, no stricken rule for it. The only fact that applies is that it should be capable of engaging the customer appropriately.

Who can create Catalog Design?

Catalog design involved various departments and people in this task. To create an impressive catalog sales & Marketing department and the team of the company, and graphic design (it can be in-house or outsourced to the freelance designer) & Printing team involve in this process.

Elements to make a Product Catalog Printing Online in Delhi

To design a catalog printing in Delhi, you need:

  • Product & Services details and related information
  • Product data does mean the item code, product category, sub-category, products’ name, its description, attribute, pricing, etc.
  • Product Images
  • Once all Textual information about the product has been collected and finalized, the next step is to select the images and symbols for the articles.
  •  For print, catalog images should high – resolution (Minimum 300 dpi). Good and high-quality images are essential for making a high-quality professional catalog.
  • Layout
  • Once the first two steps – product data and images- have been finalized, now move forward to the operative phase of layout creation. This part of the catalog design is the work area of a graphic designer. He consolidates all provided data, images, and other relevant inputs and starts to stabilize ideas of designs and organize all elements together. Layout features are:
  • Front and Back Cover
  • Business Introduction Page
  • Master Page layout/ other pages – Header & Footer, Index, pages, column, etc.
  • Table of content/Index – Sorting order of pages, Pictorial Table of content (Optional), Alphabetical order (can be select any of these – by category, by product, or any other type, no hard and fast rules) and chapter/section separator table of content.
  • Chapter Separator page vise
  • Product vise layout selection/application
  • Creation or placement of the company’s icon/symbol.

Usually, the designer creates more than one draft, It gives a more clear understanding and eases to select the suitable layout.

Publishing Process of the Digital Catalogs Printing

After the final approval of the layout, the next step is publishing for digital catalog printing. There are three types of publishing processes:

  1.   Manual Publishing – it’s based on copy & paste procedure of data and other elements.
  2.   Automatic publishing – company’s own designing software-based
  3.   Cloud Publishing Services – Cloud software or SaaS

Catalogue Printing Phase of the Catalog Design

Once the data, product information, Images, and layout created for catalog printing and catalog design has been finally approved, the next and last step is Printing. For the desired printing result of your end product, you need to select an experienced and professional printing agency. Because printing is a difficult, tricky, and technical process.

An experienced and professional printer providing accurate assistance about cost-effectiveness and for the best quality product. Unprofessional printing services can give you unpleasant end results.


Take Your Message to the World

Your products and services are special but the world doesn’t know it yet. Tell the story of your business what exclusive product & services you have in your portfolio. And how these exclusivities can brighten their world. Reveal the specific feature and tell how your product is better than the ones around and why they must choose it. It is the most adaptable and customary way to make the product stand out in a highly competitive atmosphere.

Catalog printing of custom size or standard dimensions available in a wide range of exciting designs and colors for your selection. Check the Free designing Templates e for your product. Use our proof of print before you pay. We offer fast turnaround times (2-7 days). Make a leaflet that is unique today.

What is the cost of Printing a Catalog?

Printing costs used to depend on some variables, as like:

  •         Quantity of print copies
  •         Number of pages
  •         Type of Paper Quality
  •         Other processing effects (e.g. thumb indexing, etc.)

For printing cost visit      

Our catalogs are printed on high-quality paper stocks to ensure sturdy, durable marketing material that won’t easily tear or smudge over time. Therefore, get ready to produce the most unique and creative catalog designs in unmatched quality and promising prices from Inkprint. Call or Chat with us now!


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