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Custom Tissue Papers

Custom Tissue Papers


Starting From INR 1.59 for 2400 Quantity of Size 7 x 9.5 inches | MOQ 2400 Sheets & Free Shipping
Tip: Higher is the Quantity, the Lesser is the Price per copy!

Unit Price: 4.13
Dispatch By: Wednesday June 19, 2024
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Custom Tissue Papers not only looks pretty and luxurious…but it does more than that – Order Online 

What is Custom Tissue Paper? How it is different from Printed Butter Paper?

Custom Tissue Papers are the most versatile and essential packaging element in the current packaging industry. It gives a classy, decent as well as fancy/luxurious look to any product. It is a widely accepted product with a variety of various uses. Basically, Custom Tissue Paper is used as a liner inside of the packing boxes and eatables and also used as wrap outside to many deliverable products, which provide the catching and classy look & feel to the product.

While Butter Paper is used in Food Wrapping and it has additional Anti-grease Coating to provide resistance against Oil and grease. Order Printed Butter Papers here.


Where Custom Printed Tissue Papers can be used?

  •         Gift Packing – check innovative uses here
  •         Cosmetic and Beauty products – mostly handmade and elegant beauty product creators use colorful designer tissue paper to highlight the look and quality of their products.
  •         Florists show their creativity using custom tissue paper to wrap around bouquets to give the catch combination of beauty and luxury. 
  •         Standalone packaging – Boutique owners use custom tissue papers wrap the items delicately to enhance the artistic look.

Benefits of using Custom Tissue Paper Printing in Business

Custom Tissue Paper Printing provides varied benefits in its use, such as:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Branding – strong tool to add new extension and dimension to your business.
  • Enhancer – Rich and Classy look
  • Bio-degradable
  • Soft texture

Significance of the Packaging with custom tissue papers


Custom Packaging papers are like mum jingles that tell the story with design, texture, feel, and color but sound.

Packaging is the final touchpoint of any product before it reaches the new, old, and continual customers. Well – designed packaging isn’t only working to beautify the product but it narrates the story of your business and portrays the value right up to the end.

Once someone hits the buy button it makes him happy. And imagine the emotion customer’s feel at the time of receiving the delivery of an ordered product as they peeling the layers of packaging. Something as small or as big using custom tissue paper magnifies your uniqueness to serve a selling proposition with impressive representation. It really touches the bottom of my heart.

It shows after all you are not just selling a product it includes emotion and a lifestyle that’s accomplishable because of your product. And it can be created by a simple add on in your packaging with branded custom tissue paper.

A custom feature and little innovation used as custom tissue paper show how well you know your customers. That small piece of customized tissue paper makes your customer insist to notice your efforts to make them happy to give them a personalized experience. And this remarkable effort adds effective depth in the completion of your service story.


Impact of remarkable custom packaging featured by Customized Tissue Paper? 


Customized Tissue Paper generates a kind of circuity to receive the ordered shipment as shortly as possible. Because they feel:

Anticipation – Checking the delivery status in short intervals, clicking the refresh button shows their “can’t wait for more” status.

Excitement – This tracking and waiting time make them feel butterflies in their stomach.

Joy – The moment customers take first-hand experience they fell in love with the ordered product. Which is wrapped with branded, beautiful, luxurious custom tissue paper to satisfy their “can’t wait for more” status. After that, once they start layering off the butterflies start to fly high. Most of the time these are laying off moments captured by mobile and sharing those pictures with near and dear ones.

Once the anticipation, excitement, and joy bind together it’s a priceless investment and technique for a remarkable business and adds value to the customers’ memory. That forced customers’ to return, reorder, and recommend your business. This is the biggest positive note for any business once they are successful to resume their customers with small efforts.

And if you are successful to create this moment for your customers it touches them deep in heart. It works as tattoo branding and nothing can easily beat it.


Steps while selecting the quality for Print on Custom Tissue Papers


  • Once you are telling your story to the customer through custom tissue paper packaging its important to maintain its relevance. Suggestion to avoid some silly mistakes:
  • Don’t use cheap and cheesy papers.
  • Make your logo stand out on it. As your Logo is your pride and brand identity.
  • Avoid much cozy design weather using patterns on the background or repetitive logo, empty space is equal worth as filled space and works like a balancer.
  • Focus on subtlety while selecting the design.
  • Don’t go for complex designs, keep it simple and eye-catching with a coherence color scheme
  • Choose your packaging style before selecting size and cut 


Role of Tissue Paper in your Business Branding and Marketing

It can be a perfect rider for any product and business. Using Branded them is a proven technique to enhance the flavour of your business branding.

It is really an effective manner to give new highs to your business either the large scale businesses or small ones.

Branding on tissue papers provides delicacy and adds luxury to the product and once it reaches the end-user gives the conclusion of your story with a harmonic feel. 

They are a delicate element that adds luxury to the conclusion of your business story.


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