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Printed Packaging BOPP Tape 48 MM – 2 Inches

Printed Packaging BOPP Tape 48 MM – 2 Inches


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Unit Price: 115.98
Dispatch By: Thursday September 21, 2023
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Printing Packaging Tape

Printing Packaging tape or adhesive tape is another important tool of marketing. When someone packages their product, the printed tape will not only add beauty to it, but will turn itself into an important advertising tool. Using packaging tape printed with your business logo and information is the perfect method of advertising while packaging boxes which are to shipped to customers or clients.

These tapes can be used for several security purposes as well-

1) Tamper proof security1:

These are tamper proof security tapes which when pulled out leave a strong mark to indicate tampering. Additionally, they are water resistant to secure the packaged contents from water.

2) Carton sealing tape for security:

This tape once opened becomes nearly impossible to be put back in alignment. Any non aligned part of the tape is a clear indication of the packaged being opened.

3) Warning printed carton sealing tape:

This kind of tape is printed with a warning. This warning serves dual purpose- hinting at the caution of not opening and hinting at the type of material inside the carton. This tape can be printed with warnings like ?Do Not Open?, ?Fragile- Glass Inside?, ?Sealed for your protection? etc.

Why order from us?

We are the leading printers in India and in NCR with a wonderful team of experienced professionals. Our team will ensure that you receive great quality product and is trained enough to understand every need of yours. As market leaders in bopp tape manufacturing, we assure you of a great printing and equally great product to help your business soar high. Our state of the art technology coupled with industry insight will always deliver quality products.

What?s more for me?

Apart from joy and fulfillment, we promise you of a great quality product. We are known for our quality products and great customer service. Choose from our range of various background colours, sizes and quantity. If your require customization, we will be happy to do that as well.

Inkprint is the best place to get your bopp printed adhesives. We are proud to have served small and big enterprises alike and are reputed for quality products.

  • On time delivery
  • Best quality products
  • Unmatched printing quality
  • Premium inks used
  • Various sizes and tape bases available
  • Affordable price


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