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Poster printing online by Poster maker online


Poster maker online offers advertising poster printing online in Delhi. Poster advertising is a quondam love form in business marketing in physical format. Posters have a long range to reach to the large numbers of people and community. These are ideal for communicating your branding message directly to your target audiences. Poster advertising is an economical way of attracting new customers and audiences to grow your brand awareness.

Posters – Boon companion to campaign businesses brand

Posters are a boon companion to campaign their businesses for start-up or small business owners, or an established businesses and corporates, there are lots of benefits of poster advertising. Posters are capable of making a rapid impact and building the cumulative effect of your message. Not only as a marketing tool, but posters also make great visual aids during presentations.


Poster Advertising and importance of poster printing services


Posters printing services – A conventional outbound advertisement method for businesses or events. The current business environment requisites the contemporary channels to market thyself, such as email marketing, newsletters or social media campaigns, etc. Even so the spark of poster design is still alive.

Poster Printing is an enduring and perennial tool accepted and used across the globe to market the business. Large format posters are a perfect and substantial mode to foster brand recognition by reason of their size, versatility and attractiveness – as they are equally effective for indoor and outdoor purposes.

All of us have seen the indoor use of posters in retail brand stores or metros stations, etc. displaying instruction messages in A4-A3 sizes. Contrarily, outdoor posters’ objective is to remain visible for the passersby and display the brand message, awareness campaign message soundly and effectively. 


Effectiveness of online Poster design in Advertising


Advantages of advertisement by online Poster design can be effective via:

  • Versatility/Multifaceted – Noticeably multifaceted versatility is the most vocal feature of poster advertising. Countless creative design ideas and possibilities, nitty and speakable fonts, wondrous graphics, joyous and engaging words or message combine together to offer huge advertising scope to your business using poster power.


  • Spot on the audience at absolute locations – Once you select the majority of your target audience and their location, is the first and best practice to place advertising posters strategically, such as shopping centers/malls, washrooms, lifts, staircases/escalators and eating areas/food courts, etc.. As well as spot the crowded place to get the best result of your Ad efforts, such as Bus stand, or Railway Station, etc.


  • Affordability: Money Matters – As like modern age contemporary electronic media and social media advertising mechanisms based on ongoing payment policy systems, it can be yearly, quarterly or monthly expenditure mode. Whereas poster advertising printing needs simply one-off payment allocated print quantity.
  • Exposure: Publicizing with credibility – Poster advertisements are the ultimate reinforcement method to publicizing your business brand. Reinforcement truly works in the location where footfall of your target audience reappears frequently on numerous occasions or passes on that road on a very regular basis.
  • Size & Space and Quantity – Want to say something important? Well, the posters offer this space to deliver your message in an easy, effective and great way. Size and quantity offers flexibility to small businesses to adversities their brand in specific locations at an affordable cost.
  • Quick make and prompt visual impression – Posters are quick make product, immediate visual impression to the larger targeted segment of potential customers. A vibrant, creative and memorable poster is a great reminder and reflector for viewers and audiences to captivate and reconnect with your brand.


Poster printing online India – Type of poster to promote your business

Inkprint offers high quality and reliable poster printing online India. Today’s highly competitive business world needs to go the extra mile to promote your business and to create and establish a long lasting brand image that impacts on the mind of the masses. To attain it, require to invest in various types of outdoor vs indoor and Digital vs Paper Printing marketing and advertising techniques.

Poster advertising is a traditional technique to promote a business but still popular and impetuous. To achieve the desired results by using the right type of posters, some common types of posters to consider while promoting:

  • Advertising/Corporate Posters – Typically used for brand Ads in varying sizes for outdoor and indoor promotional purposes by large multinational as well as small businesses.
  • Event/Trade show Posters – Self-explanatory, boost the buzz and awareness for upcoming event with bite size spicy information to build the anticipation and interest in the event.
  • Informative Posters – Most Common type of posters. Generally talk about new launched products with large images, or as teasers about to be launched projects/products.
  • Formative/Campaign Posters – Used for specific types of businesses for its target audience, such as medical business and doctoral practices, largely used to create awareness.
  • Affirmative or motivational Posters – Sole purpose is to inspire, contains motivational quote, catchy & bold typography with inspirational background images. Always deliver positive thoughts/messages, aim to make the audience feel good.
  • Movies Posters – Self-explanatory but only use to promote particular movies


Most used Sizes of Posters

Posters sizes depend on placing location. For inside retail mart or business premises the most used popular size of posters is A4 or A3 size. And for outdoor advertising activities it needs to be seen from a distance, so these posters will be much larger. Before deciding the size and designing must check the space available to put the poster to ensure it gets noticed properly by passersby.


How big, small and popular sizes of posters – A3 poster printing

A2 and A3 poster printing is a quite popular size that fits in a wide range of locations and large enough to get seen and noticed. The size guide for posters is:

  • A4: 8.27” x 11.69” inches
  • A3: 11.7” x 16.6” inches
  • A2: 16.6” x 23.4” inches
  • A1: 23.4” x 33.1” inches
  • A0: 33.1” x 46.8” inches

Certainly, there are other sizes also available even though A-sizes are widely used for posters and other printed marketing.

Posters Printed on – Print Medium

The choice of papers used for poster printing depends on its type. Most indoor posters are printed on strong and heavy paper as 170gsm with matte or gloss lamination. Or for more enhanced the images and colors 200gsm satin papers work wonderfully.

Outdoor posters required durability with strangeness, that’s why printing paper it’s going to print needs to be water-resistant and weather-proof. The durable paper also adheres well to the base material without cracking and tearing.


Why Us? – Poster Printing India

Inkprint offers the best poster printing India. We are the premier printing company in India and in NCR. With a highly-skilled professional team, we endeavor to create new industry standards.


With multiple standard & custom size options and premium paper collections, we print the best quality posters at best prices. We also offer printing facilities of large format posters printing for decorative purposes in your offices and for any promotional activities. Our cost-effective posters can be used in trade shows, conferences and at POS displays for your business and make it a successful campaign.


What’s more for you?

We use the state of the art technology to create everlasting relationships with our clients.

We offer-

  • Super printing quality
  • Best quality of inks
  • Top-notch canvas quality
  • No false promises, misprints or other faults
  • Unbeatable price as low as INR 3 per piece
  • Custom options
  • Fastest production
  • Money-Back guarantee


Posters are a powerful medium and offer a great amount of creativity. They have the ability to cause a rapid response in customers especially in special occasions such as Festive bonanza and season ending sale, friendship day, valentine day, etc. offers in durable and affordable investment. A custom & creatively designed poster help to connect your brand and business to the hearts and minds of customers with emotional, visual and imagery attention. So poster advertising never fails to keep you connected and noticed by your customers.


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