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Custom packaging boxes

Custom packaging boxes


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Packing Boxes or Custom Packaging Boxes are the backbones of the product industry!

The packing box, cartons, or packaging boxes is one of the core substances of the product delivery and storage segment. This is an art of various types of folding patterns applied on paperboard or fiberboards. We can’t imagine the supply and distribution of any deliverable items without packaging boxes.  Packaging also works as a protection cover for the products. It makes products handy, comfortably, and safely movable for any distance by any transportation mode.

Packing Boxes are an essential part of all deliverable products’ businesses. Mono-cartons or folding packing boxes largely in use for FMCG, cosmetics items, pharmaceuticals, Fruits & Vegetables, etc. it all needs a customized Printing packaging box to reach its destination. Labels & Stickers & custom tissue papers are the packaging pal of box packaging to add luxury to it.

What is a Packaging Box?

The packaging term represents a wide and extensive range in itself. Its packaging pattern provides a stable platform to deliver the goods. It’s also a method to combine the varying shapes, sizes, items packaged together under one mold. As we received Television or printer, etc. with its connecting wire and cable within one big packing box and inside of this the supporting component in mold cabinets or in small packaging boxes. So, the items are held and protected well while delivering and receiving in an organized manner.

Folding Box Packaging

The box formats, widely in trend, are folding boxes also known as printed Mono Carton.

Folding boxes or Mono Cartons are manufactured from a die-cut single sheet of the board by using paperboard or fiberboard. In this cut, the single sheet folded to make the top, bottom, and sides. Mostly used in packaging of small size products as, pharma, perfume, small gift items, and plastic industry.

Printed Mono cartons are made from printed paperboard. It’s laminated, cut then folded, and glued. These are higher grade in quality, lighter solid sulfate board plastic coating, and seamless finish.

In folding boxes the different type of printing techniques are in trend:

  • Gold metalized foiling
  • Security Printing
  • Hot foiling & lamination
  • Gloss/ Matt effect
  • Pantone color printing
  • Hybrid UV effect
  • Drip off effect


Type of Folding or Mono Carton Boxes:

Folding Cartons – Folding boxes are majorly in use in the packaging for food, fruits, and FMCG products. It is a higher grade in quality but lighter in weight. The key benefits of the folding type of boxes are its visual impact, branding, protection, efficiency for transportation, and environment friendly.

Braille Cartons – This is specially designed for blind consumers. The information embossed in braille character. The type of cartons mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Clamshell & Tray Cartons – In this type of packaging the product enclosed on both sides sealed with heated plastic edges. It can be hung from a hook or standalone shelf to display. It is highly tampered resistant, re-closeable, and reusable.

Liner Carton – Liner carton is basically folding cartons with an inner protecting layer on an aluminum foil sheet or paper. Best suited for the product like – Tea, spices, clarified butter (Ghee), soap, etc., or other semi-liquid type items. It is an odor and aroma barrier, translucent, usually coated and laminated.


Type of Folding pattern of Mono Cartons:

Folding boxes format is fairly flexible in ways to choose the style, size, and dimension. The most common style in use are:  

  • Reverse Tuck End (RTE) – cut type boxes are easy to assemble, compact storing features for excess packaging inventory, and relatively effective option for lightweight items packaging. Mostly use for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and health & Beauty product industry.
  • Straight Tuck End (STE) – carried the moreover same qualities as RTE. But more expensive than RTE. And not good for heavy items’ packaging.
  • Tuck Top (Tuck Top Auto Bottom and Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom)
  • Seal End
  • Sleeve
  • Bag Box with Auto Bottom
  • Roll End Try
  • Simplex Try
  • Pillow Box
  • Display Box
  • Dispenser Box
  • Book Style Box

These are commonly used for average consumer products.

Purpose, Objective, and Advantages of Printing Packaging Box

The packaging is a revolutionary creation for the industry worldwide. It gave push start to the household, FMCG, and industrial goods to outreach it in the extensive diaspora.

Smart and convenient packaging is a business function and a package is in the product, it eases self-service marketing, as well as improves its importance. As an example – food marts and supermarkets, etc. See also Roll-up-standees/Banner.

Today, the packaging is the obligatory requirement for almost all products. Either it is electronics, food & Beverage, Bakery, cosmetics, and other lots more products. It is the backbone of the e-commerce industry.

Box Packaging is a standard, versatile, and widely used mode of quick, easy, and economical delivery mechanism. The purpose of it is to hand over the product to the consumer with ease and safety. Here are some of the significances of it:

  1. Safety & Security – The item enclosed in the packaging to keep it protected from any type of tempering from external factors, vibration, temperature, etc.
  2. Marketing & Brand Visibility – Branded packaging work as a sales pitch without a salesman. By customizing design and printing shows your business an eye-catching effect that attracts the consumers.
  3. Convenience – Packaging adds convenience in distribution & handling of the product, display & sales easement, opening & re-closing the product, use, reuse, disposing of with comfort.
  4. Preservation & Protection – Maintain the texture, flavor, freshness, cleanliness, of the product.
  5. Information & Instruction Transmission – Packaging involves decisions and communicative instructions about how to use the product, transportation method, recycling, or disposing procedures.

How are the packaging boxes used?

The packaging is a combination of functions in a variety of areas throughout facilities:

  1. Assembly – Putting the derivable product and component together for the production process
  2. Automation – based on the machinery system to process than the manual method. It is faster and more accurate. Filling and sealing, wrapping boxes, wrapping, labeling, and coding is part of this step.
  3. Transportation – convenient and easy storing of the product, aggregating and protecting loads.
  4. Warehousing – ensure protection during storage of the product
  5. Order Picking – management in between holding and picking area.

Where the Boxes for packing are used?

Almost all the industries have required of packaging their product to deliver their final consumer destination. It is an essential component for mainly these industries:

  1. Appliances
  2. Automotive
  3. Beverages
  4. Chemical
  5. Consumer Goods
  6. E-commerce
  7. Food
  8. Pharmaceutical – Health & care
  9. Hardware
  10. Hospital
  11. Material Processing
  12. Paper
  13. Plastic
  14. Retail
  15. Warehouses & distribution

Branding and Marketing importance of Box packaging design

All businesses of the world revolve around its branding and marketing measures and tact. The box packaging design and branding speak silently about the personality of your product. An intelligent packaging concept established credibility and spark in between consumers’ community.

Products are made for sale and packaging is a protector and communicator for the source item. It should be appealing and brand recognizable to consumers. Packaging strategy is the most influential method of marketing. It plays a vital role in promotional activity in the targeted segment.

Box Packing should be full of charm and attractiveness to magnetize the consumer’s mind and eyes. It is a bounty component of advertisement for your business commodities. So it must be communicable through its design and theme. It is supposed to compel the end buyer to buy it.

A brand’s image concise in its name, logo, design, symbols, etc. To drive the success and long-lasting positive sustainability for the brand, effective and durable packaging is one of the strongest tools with few other options. A good and positive branding conveys attributes, benefits, values, culture, and personality of the product and the value of its users.


Selection of the right box packaging as per need

The packaging is everything once it comes to product delivery. It totally depends on the product type, the distance needed to cover during delivery, the weight of the product, and the attachment or sub-products need to pack with it.

Here is a few basic but important steps need to take care of while choosing the packing option for your product:

  1. Select the right packaging material as per the property and nature of the product
  2. The product should transportation friendly than it will travel to its destination safely and comfortably
  3. It should be well presented, in look and quality vise
  4. Size does matter, it must be well accommodated. It should not look bulky in its actual shape and size.
  5. Make the packaging attractive
  6. It should be matched with budget

Inkprint offers Box Packaging design & Box Printing for Packing box

We offer a variety and wide range of customized box packaging & printing solutions. We create and deliver the boxes in full range, digital printing, offset, and digital printing and desired shape to best suit the product’s size, shape, and character. We also print supportive packaging accessories like printed packaging tape, wrapping papers, etc.

Product category:

  1. Custom Product Boxes
  2. Soap Boxes
  3. Candle Boxes
  4. Cosmetics Boxes
  5. Chocolate Boxes
  6. Medicine Packaging Boxes

Box Packaging and Box Printing – Customized regular, expensive, and high-end Folding boxes …order online!


Follow the below-mentioned steps to order Online Box Packaging and Printing – online.

You can get self-assistance following these steps:

Click on the “Product” tab or type Box Packaging in “search product here” tab —> Packaging Printing” under product tab —> product option —> Size —> Quantity —> printing type  —> Paper—> Foiling —> Embossing —> Coating & Lamination —> upload and submit design file Click “Add to Cart” to order the Product.

After the completion of this process, you will get the final pricing of your product.

Inkprint offers 100% satisfactory services for product printing services.

Available sizes for online and offline Box Packaging & printing order

Please visit for available sizes

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