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Dine-in Menus

Dine-in Menus


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Importance of Restaurant menu card printing and menu designs


Restaurant menu card printing and menu design – A manifesto of available serving food items of your restaurant and Menu designs are a style statement that enables the first impression onto the customers’ mind. This impression creates a temptation in the mind and the mind passes it on to taste buds. As science says we eat with eyes first than mouth, and the printed menu cards design is the perfect tool to generate irresistibility for your food. 


Restaurant, hotels, takeaways, bar, or cafes, online food orders, and even parties catering services they all required the menu. A food menu card is a highlighter of your restaurant presence among others. 


Selecting a menu card is just like selecting an engagement ring, a lot of styles, design, folds and foiling coating, and lamination options are a key factor to add appeal to it. These added factors help to increase the footfall and revenue for your restaurant.


A restaurant menu cards design should be focused on:

A great restaurant menu cards design is the brand image and sales capitalizer.

  • The menu card should be consists of different sections like the main course, appetizers, desserts, alcohol & beverages, and others. This customization helps the customers and improve the presentation as well as sale options.
  • Do proper planning to construct the menu card. If designed and printed well, a menu card reverberates. At the current time, people check the menu before visiting the restaurant.
  • Keep updating the menu cards in term if prices as it keep changing regularly. It helps to perform better as the food sector is a challenging business.


InkPrint a professional online Menu Maker- custom menu card size printing        

We are a professional online menu maker with quality printing services for custom menu card size printing. A menu needs to be beautifully laid out and professionally printed. A full-color well-printed custom menu design adds a gusto on style with distinctive elegance to your restaurant or café, as well as special highlights specials item or signature dishes stimulate customers’ to try a particular restaurant.

A menu cards design and size should be based on the type of services such as online food delivery, take away, or dine-in. 

Select between below mentioned 7 sizes for dine-in and take away menu cards, including 5.5”x8.5”, 11”x8.5”, and 14”x8.5”.

Size Fold Final Look
A4 Regular Tri-fold A4 open size, folded twice
A3 Large Tri-fold A3 open size, folded twice
A5 – 4 Page Half-fold A4 open size, half-folded
A4 – 4 Page Half-fold A3 open size, half-folded
4 Page Square 8” inches Half-fold 8” X 16” open size, half-folded
4 Page Square 11” inches Half-fold 11” X 22” open size, half-folded
6 Page A4 Close size Twice-fold 12” X 24” open size, folded twice


Stock options include silk coated smooth paper and uncoated and gloss text, as well as uncoated and glossy thin and thick papers. These options make it possible to make the menu well customizable for any type of service either a regular restaurant or luxury menus for a five-star restaurant, a casual cafe or a clubhouse café menu, or a mailable menu for takeout food delivery services. 


Folding choices for menu design online for food menu card – Order Pizza menu card


Food menu card folds is an important aspect of menu design online. The type of fold affects the aesthetics and function both. It determines which special dishes & beverages have to showcase for customers’ first look and affect. Fold play a very important part in increasing the customer base as supportive branding. 

The standard menu fold types are – Single fold, half-fold, and tri-fold. Additionally, roll fold, Z fold and gatefold also can be in choice if it suits best for menu design.!&tbnid=uQHTJ4A5IanKtM&vet=12ahUKEwjRpbbkq5bsAhUaHysKHTezAPsQMygFegUIARCvAQ..i&docid=L-wNSPLQkNZBoM&w=500&h=300&q=half%20fold%20brochure&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwjRpbbkq5bsAhUaHysKHTezAPsQMygFegUIARCvAQ

  • Half Fold – Folded in half along the center like a Greeting Cards.
  • Roll Fold – Divided into three sections, also known as letter fold. (also see letterhead printing)
  • Z Fold – In this fold their panels do not overlap. This fold allows showing artwork of all three panels on each side in a sequential view.
  • Gatefold – Outer flaps folded to meet in the middle.


Contact us for more custom menu folds for restaurants menu card design


The type of paper stock and its weight is also an element of restaurants menu card design, which impact the folding option and choice. If you are looking for more customizable and unique designs and folds for your menu cards, call us, email us or chat with us for expertise printing and designing services on:

Chat with us online on the website.

Dial us for Bulk Orders on 08432 8432 48, 08432 8435 68 or

Email us at to get a custom-designed and professional printing service for restaurant menu cards and any type of paper stationery



Indian Restaurant Menu Card: A marketing strategy to boost the sale & profit

Indian restaurant menu card – “Hand menu” is the heart of any restaurant, without a menu, you can’t imagine any restaurant. A restaurant, café, or bar must need an exciting, magnetized, and memorable menu card. 

A good menu has the biggest contribution directly to the following:

  • Instruments to increase the sales 
  • Improve the profits
  • Helps to effective stock management
  • Fast order tracking

A strategically created and printed menu design conveys a brand message and presents the personality and culture of your restaurant to the customers in an expressive way. A rightly designed and quality printing for a menu establishes a solid base of tried and true customers.


Important tips to make your menu cards Stand out

There are some simple tips and guidelines to follow to create a wonderful menu card:

  • Design: set the ‘eye movement’ in your favor– An impressive menu design helps to stands out exceptionally and sizably in the middle of your competitors.
  • Images: make it visually delightful – Use only high-quality and appealing images that stimulate the appetite of your customers.
  • Divide Menu: Spell out special dishes – Segregate the menu into groups with clean spacing. It makes it easy to navigate to the right place. Put some boxes that boxes draw attention to a group of menu items. Position your signature dishes as a highlighter in the boxes.
  • Currency Signs – Avoid using currency sign-on menu card, it binds the customers’ mind to spend openly.
  • Text and font it well – A clear and effective typography makes menu items easy readable. Selection of font should read friendly for all age group of customers will be visiting the restaurant. Font size should be large enough that can be read effortlessly. For signature dishes and specific items use different fonts to highlight them to catch the eyes of customers.
  • Color – The color of the menu card should be best thematic with your restaurant, the target customers should know and feel the theme of your restaurant by the look at the menu card.
  • Desserts – Keep a separate menu for desserts, it will minimize the skipping. Make a special eye-catching and captivating room for desserts. Desserts menu should be placed after the main menu item, it helps to increase sales.
  • Capitalize – Apply the capitalize letter word only for the name of the dish but the item description should be displayed using lonely lower case letters. Avoid to capitalize on everything, it distracts the focus of customers choice as well as decrease the look also.
  • Allergies – List those common allergenic foods such as milk, eggs, fish, nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans, etc. with the dish used as an ingredient in the description. 
  • Impact – Highlight the use of organic fruits & vegetables, Dairy & farm-fresh in the menu, If you use these products.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Can I find the size I need to print in the product calculator? 

A: Yes, you can print menu cards in any size you desire. Using our calculator, click on the advance option, select custom trim.  

If you have a different requirement than an available option, kindly reach us on 08432 8432 48, 08432 8435 68

Q: Can I print menus on uncoated paper stock?

A: Preferably uncoated is not offered for food delivery menus printing. Although, it’s totally the customer’s choice that what type of stock and lamination he select for print.  

Q: What types of menu folding options you offer?

A: All types of folding types are available with us but the folding options depend on menu size and card stock type.



Why Us?


We are the leading printing company in India and in NCR. Our online digital printing and offset printing has carved out a niche for themselves.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready and capable of solving every query of yours while providing an honest opinion about the products.

We have carved out a niche for us in the menu cards printing sector and our team prides itself with delivering hundreds of premium menu cards design to avid customers and food chains.

We have matt ad gloss lamination and eye-catching folds available to add more artistry to your menus.


What’s more for you? We offer-


  •       Best quality printing
  •       Choicest art paper
  •       Supreme ink so that it does not fade or cracks
  •       Money-back guarantee
  •       Affordable prices
  •       Fastest production time
  •       Worldwide shipping


A restaurant menu is a core component of a restaurant sale strategy. The menus are managed description of the item, and price offers for the customers. A carefully crafted & designed, quality print menu cards is a great product to signify your brand name and increase the customers’ interest as well as the market rating.


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