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Printed Packaging BOPP Tape 72 MM – 3 Inches

Printed Packaging BOPP Tape 72 MM – 3 Inches


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Printed Tape – BOPP Tapes, Best Buddy of Packaging & Brand Promotion Associate


What is Printed Tape or BOPP Tape?

Bopp tape is a Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene coated self-adhesive printed Packing Tape. Printed Tape is available in Transparent, Brown, and Colored type. Printed tape provides lightweight packaging, reinforcing, splicing & sealing, bubbleless lamination, and logo branding for better appeal & identification.

BOPP tape got this name due to its base materials known as Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene film. It is stretched in both machine and transverse directions. This film is produced by a tubular process. The results of Biaxial Orientation increase toughness, stiffness, enhance clarity & transparency, enhance barrier quality from water vapor, and improve resistance from oil & greasy things.

Printed tape is a visual gateway, allowing your brand to enter the users’ and consumers’ minds through its eye-catching artwork. Printed Tape is a common yet important part of inventory management and shipping & Product packaging kit.

The fundamental and focal benefits are its one side for printing and low coefficient of friction both side, heat sealant adhesive efficacy, high optical quality, endue slip anti-block property and special additives merit in itself without coating or primer.

Printed tape has such a unique quality of being pliable in high temperatures and resumes its original status after cooling. This offers high tensile strength to packaging tapes. Printed packaging tapes auxiliaries cartons packaging as like Labels & Stickers does it for products they are attached. 

Advantages of Printed Cello Tape

Packing Cello Tape has multi-dimensional professional & profitable aspects. It balances both packaging costs of the company and expands and enhances the brand reach and recognition to the maximum eyes.

Printed Cello Tape online tape is a really good substitute to replace the printed carton without compromising brand promotion. Printed tape roll is a highly visual mechanized promotional gizmo. It reduces the packaging cost to the company. And a strong device to uplift the branding and elevate the ambit.

Packing tape roll reinforces the commitment towards quality in several ways:

  • Advertise & promotion – Printed cello tape is a fluorescent hi-lighter to keep the brand in limelight. It increases the range of exposure and visibility of the brand. These taps are steadfast and sustainable brand reminder mechanisms.
  • Quality – Quality is always a marking subject for the packaging tape printing It gives an underline effect
  • Identifies & Reduces Pilferage – Printed packaging tape enables the easy identification of stock. After being sealed by printed tape if it shattered, it can’t be resealed by the same roll. So using it the packaging saved from thieving and pilfering.
  • Instructive & warning Indications – Custom cello tape can carry and communicate the special instruction as “warnings”, “Delicate”, “Fragile”, “Glass”, “Handle with Care”, etc. These massages help to transit shipment safely to the consumer or receiver.
  • Reduces Carton Cost – Printed cello tapes are the best instrument to reduce the cost of printed cartons. You can simply use any type and sizes cartons and use the custom Bopp tape to seal it. The proverb “One Arrow, two targets” is the best fit for this arrangement.
  • Helpful in tracing & Tracking shipments – Custom printed tape can be a helpful tool to trace and track a shipment or lost packages through its imprint. It improves traceability and identification of shipment.
  • Professionalism & Create Goodwill – Printed packaging tape display and establish the first impression of a brand and give the professional It constitutes a promising and favorable impression and support to build assurance, conviction, and confidence in the company’s product.

Features of Printed Bopp Tape

Printed Bopp tapes are packaging & branding prefixes that speak ample volume about the brand. It gives a trusted identity to the packaging and strengthens it.

Printed Cello tape online is a transpicuous, and high-quality flexographic printing seal packaging product. It can be used in hot and cool temperatures. The high tensile strength of printed Bopp tape makes it a perfect and essential component for packaging.

Its abrasion-proof and moisture-resistant property make it a preferred, demanding, and desirable pack enlacing. Printed packaging tape is the most suitable pairing product for the carton or box packaging.

Importance of Packing Tape Roll & Printed Tape Roll

Using packing tape roll & printed tape roll is a tremendous remarketing plan of action for branding identification and recognition.  It is an effective tactic to remind the purchase with the brand to direct buyers.

Manufacturing and packaging is the entangled counterpart for each other. Just imagine that millions of carton packages moved globally, countrywide, regional and local through various modes of transportation

But mostly the shipping cartons are product mover devices from manufacturers to the selling destination. In this process, the package moves by various steps: a warehouse → road carriage → shipment location → delivery destination → warehouse.

In this journey, shipping cartons pass through incalculable eyes, which intensely or unintendedly imprint a silent impression on the subconscious of onlookers. So, custom printed tapes are effective, remarkable, powerful offline brand recognition and a movable marketing strategy & gainful therapy for all sizes of businesses.

Effective & noteworthy tricks while using Custom Cello Tape

The below-mentioned tricks can be applied while using custom cello tape for better results:

  • Avoid laminated, moist, muddy, or wet surface
  • Press the tape firmly to stick it on applied place
  • Stick tape in an “I” shape for an absolute firm finish
  • Use of tape dispenser for definite & better application
  • Store tape in cool temperature, heat harm its gumming capacity
  • Tape width should be matched with packaging box size
  • Don’t underfill and overfill the box, Use the appropriate size box as per quantity for a good result
  • Stick an extra few inches of tape while applying on the side

Branding by Printed Packing Tape – Presentation matters

A printed packing tape offers a polished, memorable, and professional touch. It is a sustainable but high-value and demanding tool of noticeable branding.

 Any business has 4 pillars to grow and establish the business. These four pillars are product quality, financial management, Branding & marketing, and client service. Quality is the backbone and client service is the vertebra, whilst financial management or bill books are the mind of business.

Branding is like the heart of your business which pumps motivation in business and recognition in consumers. Branding & advertising is an exclusive part to give a wide region to develop and serve your product. It is an undeniable fact that in today’s highly digital and competitive business environment, branding strategy either offline or online holds and shows its importance and value decisively.

Printed cello tape has proved its authenticity as a highly effective offline branding weapon, and in a similar way bottle-neck hang tags also trending as offline branding tools. Now, these days the business is not just local, businesses are more vocal and reaching across the world. And when your business travels globally it is the duty to give it the most eye-catching quality branding. Because your branding is an energy drink for seekers and consumers’ eyes & mind.

Special features of Bopp Tape, Printed Packing Tape India, designed and print by INKPRINT

Bopp tape may look similar but there is a huge difference in quality and application of it. Here are some understandable features of printed packing tape India to compare the process of application followed by us in each production to meet the best quality standards:

  • Waterproof and Tamper-proofing
  • Temperature, weather, and pressure-resistant
  • High durability norms
  • Coating Process
  • Superior quality ink for best and quality results

Types of Printed Packaging Tape or Bopp Tape

There are three types of Printed Packaging Tape is available:

Transparent – apply on those boxes which need visibility and the packaging contains special instructions on it.

Colored – Mostly used to manage inventory, helps to easy identification of products.

Customized Print – Use in variety and for various purposes and need. It is most demanding on the e-commerce industry in advertising and effective brand awareness.

Matchless & Unbeatable quality of Printed Tape Roll in Delhi & India offered with nonpareil services

Inkprint, The name of quality, commitment, and client services for printed tape roll in Delhi. We offer great, pronounced, and awe-inspiring printed cello tape online products with notable customer facilitation through the next available means.

Check out, what Inkprint provide that makes us a leading printing service provider in Delhi:

  • Well experienced team of professionals to inculcates the quality of products
  • Custom order printing & delivery as per client’s requirement
  • Variable order Sizes are produced
  • Use the latest printing technology for best results
  • Print Services available in Offset and Digital both options
  • Fast turnaround with the option of express delivery
  • Reasonable pricing with diverse payment alternatives
  • Customer satisfaction is Inkprint’s motto

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Can I order Printed Tape offline?

YES…Of course, it’s a really easy and convenient process. 

I don’t have any design but have a logo to be printed. How do I design tape?

Just upload a high-resolution logo file while placing an online order and complete the order placing process. Our in house team set your design with the logo below-mentioned on the tape. We will send that design to you through email and call for approval of the soft copy PDF.

We proceed with production only if you approve/ approve the design with modifications. If you don’t agree and satisfied, immediately we refund and cancel the order as per your wish without question.

Can I get a sample of my artwork?

NO…To produce a physical sample of your logo tape involves a fixed cost equal to production. So it is not viable for buyers and printers both.

But yes… we can share previous printed tape designs that have been made for our clients & PDF proof of your logo for your satisfaction. Rest assured you for quality.

If your file is not ok or we are not confident of your logo file resolution that it is perfect to print, we refund in full. 

Where can I see some images of your previous printed tapes?

Visit this link to see our previous printed tape pictures –

Information about Printed Bopp Tape properties

Minimum Quantity to order  

You can order a minimum of one box of tape. Every box of the tape consists of an equal amount of tape material irrespective of the Width Size of the tape roll.

How many ROLLS in one box?

The number of tape rolls depends on width size. For example, if you order 24 mm wide, it will be 144 rolls & if you go for 72 mm then the roll quantity will be 72 rolls.

Width Size of printed tapes  

We offer 12mm, 18 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm, 48 mm & 72mm Width Sizes of rolls.

Length of printed packaging tape in one roll

One roll = 65-meter length of the tape.

The thickness of BOPP material

We offer a 42-micron standard thickness. It is similarly good quality tape as you buy from any retail shop.

What all Base colors are possible in single color logo printed custom tapes?

You can select these base colors for single color logo print while placing the order online:

  • Transparent
  • Brown &
  • Milky White base 

Why can’t I get Multi-Color Printed Tape in one box quantity?

It will be extremely high cost and wastage to make just one box of tape with multi-color printing. As well as the very high cost involved in making cylinders. This is the reason we don’t accept orders for multi-color printed tapes in smaller quantities.

The same way different widths of tapes in one box (mix width), can’t mix width sizes in one box.

Production time is showing 10 to 12 days, it’s too long!

Yes, the production takes time to get ready. And comes with FedEx Surface Shipping. So the delivery time may be accordingly as per your location and FedEx service in that area.

If the order quantity is more than 1 box of tapes, multi-color printing then?

Yes, if your quantities are more than 1 box then of course you can order 2 or multi-color printing accordingly. Please reach us on along with your artwork or logo to help you further online.


Printed Packaging Tape India – Transparent, Brown & Milky White base Printed Bopp Tape bags – order online!

Follow the below-mentioned steps to order Online Carry bags Printing – online.

You can get self-assistance following these steps:

Visit —> Size —> Quantity —> Printing color —> tape base color —> upload and submit design file Click “Add to Cart” to order the Product.

After the completion of this process, you will get the final pricing of your product.

100% satisfactory services are available for you.

Is size available for online and offline Printed Tape, Custom Printed Tape Rolls India Online & printing order?

Please visit the product page or send the query in the online Chat Box for size inquiry



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