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Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper


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Wrapping paper – an ornament of the gift pack


Wrapping paper reflects your thoughtfulness as a giver in the form of creativity via pattern, colors, surface, and more. Customize Gift wrapping is the biggest trend in the gift industry.

Wrapping is a traditional ritual offering to decorate the gift for all occasions such as anniversary, birthday, retirement, festive gifting. Gift wrap paper adds personality to your gift. So choosing the design of wrapping paper is an art. Gift wrap paper can give stupendous look to an average gift.


Why is it really important to wrap a gift on packing Paper?


To wrap a gift with packing paper isn’t just covering it with paper, it’s a step ahead of that. Gift wrapping is an art and wrapping paper is an instrument to establish the phrase perfectly “The first impression is everything” and fix a complete, magical final touch to your gift.


We hunt days and hours to buy a perfect gift for our dear one/s, isn’t that gift deserve the best wrapping. This wrapping works just like icing on the cake. Gift can be decorated with Gift wrap paper (picked out selectively according to the occasion), Custom Tissue Paper (used as liner wrapping for delicate gifts presenting in gift bags, Box packaging, etc.), Gift bags, colorful ribbons, and gift cards/gift vouchers, etc.


We all exchange gifts occasionally. We all felt that giving a gift is truly gratifying and pleasurable than receiving a gift. Expression of the recipient while unboxing the gift with beautiful wrapping paper is the picture-perfect moment. The recipient loves to share this happiness and touchy moment with friends and loved ones.


Importance of Gift Wrap paper


A tastefully wrapped gift by gift wrap paper shows that givers invested time, effort, and personal sentiment in packaging. The well-wrapped gift itself narrates the story to the recipient’s mind that how sensibly designed and packing instruments chose for it. These facts fill the excitement and anticipation in the recipient to discover the inside of the gift box.  There are some tips that need to be in mind during packaging gift:

  • Select quality paper – Thick, colorful, occasion friendly design
  • Warp the gift with symmetrical supportive and pairable packing tools (color match ribbons, hoard box- make packaging easy, tassel, etc.)
  • You can choose glossy, matte paper for a classy look. Avoid low-quality shiny papers
  • Wrap your gift with nice, crisp folds.
  • Use clear tape.
  • Measure the paper by rolling it out, paper should be wide enough to overlap slightly while wrapped around the gift box.
  • Place the gift box on the center of wrapping paper, up-side-down, so the seams of the packaging paper will end-up on the bottom.
  • Use sharp scissors for fine and neat cuts.


Type of best Gift Wrapping paper online


Gift Wrapping paper online is just not concealing the present/gift, rather it builds and leads up the excitement to unravel the gift box. To build this excitement make sure that your gift stands out best and eye-catching. There are countless choices of wrapping papers to live this idea:

Classic wrapping paper: Available in different thickness, or GSM, These are pretty versatile and available in innumerable designs.

Kraft Paper: These are regular wrapping papers. Commonly available in plain brown paper and well-suited for paper crafting projects.

Tissue Paper: Ultrathin, used in stuffing and inner lining in gift boxes, wrapping the gift to give it safety as well as a luxurious look.

Cellophane: transparent sheets, ideal to wrap the gift baskets.


Features of Wrapping Paper Online India


Features of Wrapping Paper online India can be explained as like:

Printed-Patterned Vs Plain – Plain paper is like a blue open sky. It gives free hand to use it with your own creativity with other smart wrapping supportive items. So, it could be a smart investment in terms of versatility.

But on the other hand, Printed-patterned wrapping papers are ideal for a dazzling, classy, and lavish look. Custom printed wrapping papers are a great choice if you are not much creative or wanna save time but still want to be embellished packaging for your gift.

Reversible – Reversible wrapping papers are Featured two prints, tend to have some colors or themes. Good and effective to wrap a series of coordinating gift packs for the same recipient.

Gridline – Wrapping paper with gridlines helps to minimize the wastage, also helps in cutting straight lines, it sets up the gift wrapping with professional-grade accuracy.

Price – There are countless designs on a variety of paper. So you can find attractive and pocket-friendly paper in the budget.


Branding Importance of Gift wrapping Paper India


Gift wrapping paper India – Anniversary, retirement, or festive holidays such as Deepawali, Christmas, etc., and other more events are perfect periods to give gifts as a business. In these events, you can give an extra special feel to your employees, associates, or clients. And a custom wrapping paper is the perfect piece to accomplish your business branding in these ways.


Why Custom Wrapping Paper?


Wrapping paper with your business logo and color theme – nothing can be better than that visibility. Gift wrapping paper is this appearance is a great marketing tool. The gift-wrapped with customizing wrapping paper transfers the positive feel and sense of personal care to your client even employees also.

Make use of custom wrapping paper strengthen the culture and environment of the company. Study shows that Customize and decorative Gift wrap improves the view of valuation of the recipient and it increases the appreciation of the giver. It shows that wrapping paper isn’t just a decorative piece of paper.

If you are packaging the gifts in bulk to distribute, just add your business logo all over the wrapping paper. This simplified process will make your wrapping paper extra memorable, and provide a great opportunity to market your brand to clients outside the company.

A customized/personalized wrapping paper is need of Business Owners – In the corporate world gifting is an essential part. To promote any big campaign, custom-designed and printed wrapping paper can help to create a buzz around. Wrapping can grab the attention of all including the press. These papers establish a lasting impression in the mind of recipients.


Benefits of Custom Gift Wrap Paper

Help to reach a new audience – Most of the retailer usually offer gift-wrapping services either complimentary or in very nominal charges. This way gives an extra benefit with exclusiveness to market your brand.

Amplify Brand Recognition – For customers intending to give the item as a present, presenting nice and appealing special personalized wrapping paper eliminates the need to wrap it again for the customer. This is a way to the extension of your brand identity.


Why Us? 

Inkprint offers the best wrapping paper printing India. We are the premier printing company in India and in NCR. With a highly-skilled professional team, we endeavor to create new industry standards.

With multiple standard & size options with premium paper collections, we print the best quality wrapping paper at the best prices. We also offer printing facilities for decorative purposes in your offices and for any promotional activities. Our cost-effective wrapping paper can be used in corporate gifting, retail gifting for your business as well as personified gifting for your family & friends. 

What’s more for you?

We use the state of the art technology to create everlasting relationships with our clients.

We offer-

  • Super printing quality
  • Best quality of inks
  • Top-notch canvas quality
  • No false promises, misprints, or other faults
  • Unbeatable price as low as INR 3 per piece
  • Custom options
  • Fastest production
  • Money-Back guarantee

Cover the gift/gift box with customized wrapping paper is a fabulous way to improve your brand identity with sensible and creative packaging. The anticipation to build up the emotion of peeling off and revealing the gift brought a smile is the aim of custom wrapping.

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