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Accessory Tags for Packaging

Accessory Tags for Packaging


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 Hay!  wanna take your business branding for the extra mile…?  

Think about Hang Tag


Why is Hang Tag?

Because ………Hang Tags are the business card of your product

As well………. Statement of Your Products Branding

Crate (customize) to Print (online Order)

Hang Tags are the souvenirs for products and brands. Showcase your product via Hang Tag, It’s a perfect and idyllic way to serve your brand in the marketplace. It surely intact your brand remembrance in customer’s minds differently.



What is Hang Tags?

Hang tags, its sound explains it perfectly.  They are small, single or both sides designed and info printed hanging objects.

If you desire to add a little more brand value and some rousing electrifying info apart from the fixed format of sticky labels on the product select Hang Tags. These are not just a dangling piece of card or paper sheets, but a strategically-placed special deal to steal customers’ judgment power with its swing hypnotism.

A well-designed & printed tags are a proficient trick to engage the audience and multiple the advantages of this versatile application strategy.

Marketing Use of Common & Uncommon Hang Tag Design

There is a wide range of products to apply to Hang Tag Design. From regular usable items like clothes to sunglasses to premium-use items like jewelry, beauty products to alcohol, etc. It gives a memorable presence by attaching it to the item. As well as accords an explicit status with elevation to the sellable item.

The common and uncommon usages of Hang Tag Design to ennobling the product’s merit:

  • Brand Packaging & Retail Tags
  • Clothing Hang Tags – These are most commonly yet popularly used for a voguish retail clothing brand. These are the flashy, wink & mum calling Cards for retail brands to contain the moreover similar info as a business card – so it can be called visiting card of the product too.
  • Retail Product Tags – Product tags mostly use in Alcohol & other segment-specific types of beverages, Juice bottle packaging, Specialty food packaging, Health, Beauty & premium perfume Products, Home Goods, Garden Décor & small plant packaging, Jewelry, sunglasses, utensils, etc.


Bottle & Hang Tags are Bosom Buddy for one another. Bottles are natural and apropos fit to hang the tags because these have a natural neck or handle. Custom printing Hang Tags extend the decorous look and highlight and display the extra weightage info opulently.


Bottles aren’t the things only in use for drinks. A wide variety of sauces & seasonings, health, beauty products & perfumes, and a number of other products packed in bottle packaging. These categories of special food products also can get benefitted from hang tags promote tactics. Print a tag in the form of a coupon for an additional offer or incentivize product buying. Print any special quote or jingle related to the item into tags to draw attention with excitement to the consumer.


The items like Jewelry to sunglasses to exclusive utensils a creatively designs and hangtag give extra attention to the product and small printed detailing may give a stable place in the competitive business platform.


  • Personalized Party or Wedding Favor Tags – Panning for an occasion? Thinking for a theme party or wedding? Add custom-designed hang tags in invitation cards to brief about the theme & any other passing information to affix an extra joy, excitement, and flavor on the coming occasion.
  • Custom Gift Tags – welcoming the new joiner in office, returning of female collogue or staff after maternity break or any office staff after a long medical leave, or any memorable moment with your family, you can tie-up the gift with customized hang tags with a sensible or joyful quote. This little added effort will help to present unforeseen happiness in persons’ faces and expressions.



Invest in Hang Tag Designs – Receive High Branding Recognition


Branding recognition by printing essential in packaging is the core purpose of any manufacture. Hang Tag designs are outlined for any brand’s image. It gives a perfect eyeshot to brand visibility with a remarkable foundation to the identity. Customized packaging products like printed packaging tapes, custom tissue papers, etc lead to additional sales with hang tags, once it succeeds to draw the consumers’ attention.

A creative & customized hang tags the unique prospect to announce your brand message to consumers. This communication converts the buyer’s attention towards the craftsmanship of your product, as well as fabricate well-favored sentiments and observations. It helps to promote a dignified boost to your brand identity and give a memorable impression. It fosters a sense of loyalty to the consumers.

Hang Tags are a reflection of your brand identity that speaks in volume under some of these characteristics:

  • Voice of the brand
  • Connect a link between brand & customers
  • Upscale the Sales volume
  • Wide range of customized choice & options
  • Handle with Care directive and Instructions
  • Attentive and Important info
  • Huge and strong Potential technique of Marketing
  • Highlight the uniqueness of the brand

Apart from these explain the brand’s mission statement and describe the fair trade policy on hang tags. It allows the consumers to feel their importance as buyers with good reasons and encouraged to pay little more for brand loyalty announcements via Hang Tags.

Hang Tags are like ”brand registry”, which can register the product on the base of proven grounds.

For this, you need to focus on a well customized, exceptionally well designed, and superior printing partner to create your brand story through the hang tags combined with labels.



Custom Tag Printing of Hang Tags to build personal connectivity

Today’s consumers are too mindful of their buying choices & experience. And Custom Tag Printing of hand tags is one of the best packaging tools to leverage this catch-up opportunity by add and print relevant yet tuned info to establish a personal connection with the buyer.


Now the question comes to mind…HOW?

Let’s think! Does your product come in these types of categories → environment-friendly products, organic products, clay artifacts, green products, etc?

Besides all other promotional activities related to the product, just intact a handmade paper’s hangtag to specify its uniqueness with a special feature. This smart effort will really increase the viewpoint and sell aspect of in-store product display.

But….the other question is that the market is full of these types of categories’ product so how to maintain the uniqueness?

By telling the journey of the product from the raw stage to final stage…You can keep the fact that:

  • Where & how it has been sourced,
  • Raw material detailing
  • Where & how it has been created,
  • What type of man-force was its maker (like traditional art maker or factory-made), is it hand-made?
  • No child labor
  • Durability
  • Handle with care instruction, etc.

These insights will help buyers to understand the deep insight of its, and generate value for money kind of feel. This feel will increase the selling probability. And able to hold the thought of charity and contribution towards good cause aspect too. 


Shop Hanging Tag by Shapes & Style – Order Hanging Tags India

Looking for Hanging Tag variety with quality in shapes and styles – click on to order Hanging Tags India.

  • Rectangular Hanging Tag
  • Dir-cut Hanging Tags
  • Folded Hang Tags
  • Circle Hang Tags
  • Rounded Corner Hang Tags
  • Half Circle Hang Tags
  • Oval Hang Tags
  • Leaf Hang Tags
  • Single Rounded Hang Tags
  • Regular Bottle Neck Hang Tags
  • Mantellic Bottle Neck Hang Tags
  • Spot UV Hang Tags
  • Matte finish Hang Tags
  • Embossed Foiled Hang Tags
  • Velvet laminated Hang Tags
  • High Textured Hang Tags
  • Custom Hang Tags for Clothing
  • Retail Hang Tags
  • Jewelry Hang Tags
  • Gift Hang Tags
  • Accessory Tags for Packaging


Information can be included on Hand Tag while Hang Tags Printing & Designs

Hand Tag or Hang Tags Printing is a utilitarian type of packaging mix and brand enhancer product informative media to promote the desired info in a creative format.  What has to print in it is based on the product, some product needs some specific details to display on it and some needs creativity than informative.

Here is a list of info may help to decide what to include on Hang Tags:

  • Logo/brand name
  • Tagline
  • Website link
  • Product/item info
  • Price details
  • UPC code
  • Customer service contact information
  • Handle with care instructions
  • Social Media links, etc.


Tips on creating Hang Tags by Hang Tag Manufacturers

Planning to create hang tags, simply do R&D with your Hang Tag Manufacturers on the base of these points:

  • Research your brand well – based on similarities and dissimilarities of a similar brand in the market
  • Proofing in the details – Info has to be well-thought. Check the matter, typeface, brand color, paper texture, etc. before go-ahead for the final print.
  • Grab the attention – Competitive market is a sea, focus to deliver the right impact to the consumers.
  • Follow Goldie Locks Principle – Print crisp yet impressive and memorable information.
  • Make use of it as a promotional Tool – Use it for discount offers and special advertisements.
  • First Impressions Count so maintain it willingly – Go the extra mile in efforts for it, it will be a noticeable factor by customers.
  • Think Out of Box – Crate the best suitable combination of material, color, and creativity with effective presentation of information to present your brand face a step forward.


Hangtag printing online India Product Guide

  • Hang Tag Sizes –  

For more detail about sizes in different variants visit the product type on the product page.


  • Paper type – 

 For more assistance, kindly chat online in the website’s chatbox.

Hang Tags are quite easy applying, classy, designer, and attractive methods to engage the buyer towards brand products. Custom hang tags help to upmarket the brand image and portray the manufacturers’ responsibility to display the all needed information to its customers.

Inkprint is printing and delivering a diversified range of hang tags In India and globally. Connect us to give the chance to assist your brand with the best quality paper printing products…also, search for bottle Neck Hang Tags.







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