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Embossed Foiled Hang Tags

Embossed Foiled Hang Tags


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Embossed Foiled Hang Tags

Embossed foiled hang tags are a unique and splendid way to market your apparels brand and fine-quality products without spending much on marketing. Custom hang tags with metallic foil stamping look more attractive and classy than standard hang tag designs. Also, they work as a superb solution for business promotion. 

However, for embossed, foiled custom hang tags to work their charm, you must get the services of a reliable printing company. Inkprint has been providing exemplary services in the printing and manufacturing of custom hang tags for years now. We have offered outstanding printing services to several retail and eCommerce brands over the past few years. 

Our exceptionally-beautiful, embossed foiled hang tags have helped plenty of retail brands establish a remark in the apparel industry. The key to the beauty of our custom hangs tags for clothing lies in the attention to detail that we put, right from selecting the material to the printing quality. 


Elegant Custom Hang Tags for Clothing 

We at Inkprint use fine-quality printing paper to create embossed, foiled hang tags. Additionally, you can pick a paper quality based on the thickness and printing requirements. You can customize your hang tags in different shapes and sizes. 

Further, you can tweak other design elements like color, pattern, texture, and fonts to create innovative Embossed Foiled hang tags that perfectly complement your brand. A semi-gloss coating on the hang tags further enhances their beauty and gives them a premium appeal. 

Be mindful of the size you pick for your hang tags clothing. With the right size, you can easily add relevant information with your brandings, such as washing instructions, price, type of material, and directions for use. Make your branded garments look more premium by using a variety of printing options for your custom hang tags.

Interestingly, you can also use your elegant embossed, foiled hang tags to drive promotions and sales by adding relevant information such as seasonal discounts, bargain deals, or advertising offers. Reprojection of your clothing with innovative embossed, foiled, hang tags designs

You can use a custom color for the foiling that complements your branding. However, the choices are limited to a set of colors, such as green, copper, rose gold, and blank, apart from standard silver and gold. Silver and gold stamping hang tags are by far the best-selling custom Embossed foiled hang tags by Inkprint. You can also opt for foiling the sides on the back, front, or both. 

Next, you can select the stringing options to go along with your luxurious hang tags. Get your personalized custom hang tags to add more style to your clothing brand. Grab instant customer attention with well-designed custom hang tags clothing. Create an impactful brand image and stay ahead of your competitors with premium hang tags for clothing.


Get High-Quality Embossed Foiled Hang Tags from Inkprint

Customers often associate premium hang tags with branding and product quality. Get your product noticed and make a statement with high-quality embossed, foiled hang tags from Inkprint. 

We provide affordable deals on embossed, foiled hang tags. You can either order in bulk or get a small batch in print. You can also search our design gallery for ready-to-print easy-to-customize designs in various shapes and sizes. 

The designing and printing process using ready-to-use templates is straightforward. Once you select a template, all you have to do is fill in the details, such as the name of your business, brand logo, and other relevant information for your customers. 

Customize the design details, add embossing and foiling options as per your preferences, and your premium hang tags are ready to create a statement. Alternately, you can get your embossed, foiled hang tags designed from scratch. 


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