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Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards


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Custom Greeting Card Printing by Professional Greeting Card Maker


Greeting card a timeless expression of gratification and thoughtfulness. There are endless reasons to give or post out the personalized printed greeting card to friends and family, employees or Clients. Greeting cards are artifacts that speak for you in personalized images and texts that capture your message.

Greeting cards are multi occasional creations. These are sent to express the following emotions – Birthday wishes, to congratulate marriage or work anniversary, to express thanks or to say sorry, for any holidays or festival greeting or simply send caring thoughts. This adds a special connection between sender and receiver which helps to build a strong bonding.

Pair greeting cards with matched envelopes to give it a more special touch, compelling and pleasant look.


Order Customized or personalized Greeting cards in Delhi, Gurgaon, and across India at InkPrint 


A personalized greeting card says a thousand words more than a common one. And if you wish to maintain the best relations with your clients, why send them a regular one.

Our premium greeting cards carry strong messages of care, value, and love to your customers. We know that you want to create an everlasting impression and so do we.

Just like every festival, every occasion is special, every client is special. Mass-produced common greeting cards will treat your clients like regular people. Creating an aura of love and trust by using our special greeting cards will ensure that you have trust worthing friends and customers for many years to come.



Is Greeting Card Reflects Your Brand?


A greeting card is a personalized way to reflect your brand professionally.  Its design, prints on thick cardstock, strong and vibrant colors give it a professional look with an elegant finish.

Types of flat and fold varieties and sizes are available for custom greeting cards. Vibrant full-color print design on thick sturdy printing stock with many types of protective coating and finishing options such as matte, gloss, UV coating gives an attractive and luxurious look. An uncoated soft look also gives a smooth and modest look to the card.

Metallic Greeting cards give a rich, classy, gleaming gaze and expression. The layer of silver, gold, copper, rose gold, colorful foiling (red, blue, and green) can create a mesmerizing effect in cards. Add gradients or spot UV coating to give the depth of your message you want to deliver.

Silk Greeting cards are a good choice for premium clients. Printed card stock with silk lamination gives a luxurious look, soft feel with water and tear-resistant. The selection of rounded corners can add a touch of flair and a friendly tone on cards.

Upload your own greeting card artwork or download a pre-designed template or online designing tool to create your card. Or need help so Call Us. Order your greeting cards print online for the best quality and services.

Flat greeting cards are the most popular and usual type to send out short messages. These are great tools to communicate business well wishes or pass on a simple thank you note or any other sentiment message.

Folded or Layered cards are a suitable option if you wish to play with big graphical images and want to place more details on cards. You can opt type of folds according to your need or choice.

Flat and folded both types of greeting cards serve as invites, RSVP cards, and customize occasional, festive, or holiday cards. Order custom and affordable best quality printing services for greeting cards here at Inkprint!

Apart from design and printing, the message is a focusing point for greeting cards. You can use fold cards to maximize space on the card. You choose a plain or fold type of card and it adds mystery and surprising elements to the card.


Advantages of sending greeting cards design for business


Greeting cards design, invitation cards, or postcards are one of the crucial publications used as advertising & marketing instruments which help to socialize and achieve this goal. These beautiful instruments strengthen the relationship.

The fact is that the various different types of expression attached with cards according to the occasion, such as cards to family or friends typically conjure up images and text of warmth, holiday cards tend to be cold, mostly similar, and repetitive.

You may convert greeting cards advertising into an opportunity by converting it from a non-personalized form to personalized greeting card design and printing. These personalized designed cards bring an excellent opportunity to develop more personal relationships in business and help in clients and customer retention also.


Build, develop and maintain relationships

To create a robust relationship within and outside the organization is equally important, it helps to build and elongate harmony. Greeting cards are instruments to initiate written communication that build and develop the path to start verbal communication with each other with ease. It is a simple, and effective approach that truly helps to maintain correspondence and friendship within organizations as well as out-of-door organizations, clients/customers. Because you fabricate a believable environment to convince them that they are really important. It creates a great feel in that person and establishes a valuable place for you and your business in the mind.


Memories help to create the connectivity

Memories and feelings are the bridge to connect past time to current time. And both of these help to create and build long-standing gladly relationships. In the business aspect, developing and maintaining wide connections is a supportive factor to market your business.

A personalized greeting card or a personalized postcard is the best supportive tools to maintain this wide long run pleasing connectivity and establish a magnetic impression for your clients and associates. These relations can be helpful for you in the future to support your business as referral marketing with their connections.


Reiteration of identity and offers

Greeting cards are an appreciable way of marketing to reiterate the identity and offers of your business. It displays your continual and regular existence in business under the surrounding of your competitors in a different way. It gives better recognition and visible promotion to your business. The purpose of sending greeting cards is similar to a monthly newsletter to update your product & services to your clients.


Brand image creator to boost sales

A beautifully designed and printed in high-quality greeting cards enticing instrument to captivate the recipients. It is a professional vs personalization tactic to create a convincing and inviting image to the customers that generate future-friendly connectivity for your business. It shows your care and concerns to your clients and bends clients’ believe to work with you.  


The common occasion to print online Greeting Cards to sending out


Order online greeting cards print services. We all send greeting cards on various occasions and everybody has different reasons for it. The most common are celebrations, holidays and share the sentiments, such as:

Celebrations Holidays Sentiments
Anniversary New Year Thanking you
Birthday Valentine day Thank you
Engagement Deepawali Get Well soon
Wedding Christmas Miss you
New Job Easter Say “Sorry” (Apology)
Retirement Mother’s day and Father’s day Say “Hello”
New Home Thanks giving Sympathy


There could be other reasons to send the cards. Handwritten notes in a card give a more special and much warmer feel than greet or wish by Facebook, Whatsapp, or email.

Thank you” is probably the most common and sizable reason to send the cards, as a token of appreciation. It is really nice to receive appreciation with a thank you note, it reciprocates the warm feel and value for effort.


Fashionable Greeting Cards from InkPrint –Greeting Card maker

Get fully customizable greeting cards by professional greeting card makers for all occasions available with us. Birthdays, festive occasions, celebrations, and anniversaries call for these attractive greeting cards. Liven up your social calendar by sending intimate greetings to the people you love. Check the collection we have and pick the custom greeting cards online for your friend’s birthday.

Greet your employees in style

Greeting cards are good for employees at the workplace also. Give them a token of appreciation and show that you care for them. Give them greeting cards on the occasion of Durga Puja for Saraswati Puja and let them feel that they belong. It is available in multiple sizes so pick the right one by going through our catalog. Get your personalized greeting card printing done at InkPrint!

Superior quality cards for your business

All greeting cards get printed on high-quality paper that reflects class. It shows you care and it is the ideal way to wish someone far away from you and convey your wishes on that special day. Share your love for that special member of the family so they understand you are thinking about them. It makes the bond that much stronger when you show you care. Pick the best one from our greeting card printing service and have our blessings. We are here to give you the cards that change lives and brighten them.


Why Us?

Inkprint gives you the power to create emotional bonds by using our user- friendly options to design the perfect card.

As the avant-garde printers in India and in Delhi, we offer you the power to order personalized greeting cards at affordable prices.

With almost a decade in the printing industry, we understand every business’ needs and are equipped to fulfill your every desire.


What’s more for you?

Festivals and occasions of days of joy. But, we believe that you should have every day of joy while working with us. And that is why we offer you-

  •         A wide variety of premium papers to choose from
  •         Personalization and customization of greetings
  •         Best printing to stand out from the pile of all other greetings
  •         Vivid and bright colors to choose from
  •         Prices as happy as the festivals itself
  •         Lowest production time
  •         Worldwide shipping


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